EXCLUSIVE: NBC Staff Harasses Patriots at Rally

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NBC Minions Try to Kill the First Amendment in the Streets

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The fiasco in Miami is behind us, but there is still the issue of sorting out the violations of people’s rights that occurred. With Beto O’Rourke campaigning in Mexico, Biden, and Sanders bringing in abysmal numbers in comparison with Trump and Representatives like Fredricka Wilson threatening to arrest people who “make fun of members of Congress,” it seems like the Democrats are trying to shift attention away from something. Any time you see the Democrat B list (Wilson and the “white guys” are definitely the B-list in Democrats’ eyes) you know that there is something that they do not want you to see, in this case, it was the gross attacks of intimidation on First Amendment rights outside the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

While the Democrats, with notable exceptions, were seeing who could attack Capitalism, America, and President Trump with the most vigor, the American Patriots from the Federated Republican Women of North Dade were having a peaceful rally in a parking lot across the street. This rally was simple; they were passing out literature and water to people coming to the debate – since that is what debates are for is so people can learn about candidates. However, this peaceful pro-Trump crowd could not be seen on the cameras of any of the major news networks (except Spanish TV). The members of the group, which included Republicans and Independents from across the state, was permitted and had every right to be there, but were continually harassed by staff, people from the NBC tent and even so-called “security.”

The problems began when a banner (see above photo) was raised in support of the free markets in America. The banner, which read in Spanish “Miami is capitalist, no socialism no communism,” was hung high where every Democrat candidate could read it (assuming that any of the candidates other than Mayor Pete understood it). As soon as the banner went up, which was on permitted private property mind you, attendants from the NBC tent came over and “ordered” that the banner be taken down. When the members of the party said no, they were asked for a permit – which they showed. The defeated attendant from the NBC tent went back to the tent, soon the Women’s rally was threatened with the banner being torn down or burned down, which prompted Maricel Cobitz to station people at the location around the clock to protect the banner, tables, and other accouterments.  

According to my interview with Maricel Cobitz, the same thing happened when a tent was put up before the debate. What was so offensive about the tent? It had an American flag on it, which meant that it had one more American flag than was on the stage at the Democrat debate. When the tent went up a man posing as security for the Adrienne Arsht Center demanded that the rally disperse and the tent and banner be taken down. Cobitz informed him that they were on private property, with permission and a permit.  The man immediately became aggressive and attempted to bully her, demanding a permit. He also threatened to have them arrested and have their cars towed (ironically the vehicles belonged to the employees of the Adrienne Arsht Center). Both parties called the police, and when they arrived, the police validated the permit and asked the man to quit harassing the rally.  The man yelled at the police until he was told to leave the area. Later, an anonymous source found out that the man was not an employee of the Adrienne Arsht Center or the security company which the Adrienne Arsht Center had hired, but was affiliated with one of the Liberal news outlets covering the debate.

Later that evening, NBC had one of the real security of the Adrienne Arsht Center moved outside to “supervise” the debate, but when the security company hired by Adrienne Arsht Center heard that their internal security was moved outside, the guard was quickly recalled.  This was all after the difficulty of securing the permit, then an unidentified “city worker” calling and saying that they were going to have to be moved because of “security concerns.” When Cobitz called back to city hall, there was no record of the request, though it was suggested someone might have been “preparing” them in case a move was needed. 

It is scary that at a debate, which is supposed to be an opportunity for people to learn about candidates – those who are legally allowed to be there and have exercised their right to lawfully assemble to use their freedom of free speech to inform potential voters about candidates are being squelched by those who are supposed to be members of the press. As a nation, we have the right to rally and peaceably protest to ensure that our government knows about our grievances and support. Here the Federated Republican Women of North Dade were following the law (even though the need for a permit on private property is a constitutional violation), but following the law is not good enough if you are not part of the media’s preferred narrative. Cobitz and the other people at the rally were making sure that their voices were heard even though the limited coverage tried to marginalize them (one outlet stated that there were only 24 people there, when there were nearly 200 there at any given time (note that all 100 Republicans could not remain there the whole time because they have jobs). The same newspaper even acknowledged that there were two dozen police officers with the rally from New York, which brings into question their counting abilities or the quality of their reporting.

Assaults on free speech and our freedom to assemble cannot be tolerated.  To Democrats, you only have the right to assemble if you are ANTIFA, a union or part of the Women’s March. Honest Americans who want to support their president are lambasted, threatened and bullied – all in a method of voter suppression that the media will not talk about. The media-industrial complex celebrates the ANTIFA terrorists attacking people in Portland with concrete and lye laced “milkshakes” while ignoring the peaceful rally of Trump supporters who were violating the law. The world laughed at a Democrat candidate when she said “love will make America Great” and “You cannot be great unless you are good,” and Marianne Williamson was correct, it is the good people who were standing out in the heat supporting the success of our country who love the nation and our president that were making America better last week.  If you would like to help the Federated Republican Women of North Dade stand up for women and American, you can visit their website or email them at info@frwnd.org. They are fighting on the front lines of this political war while we are at work, let’s do what we can to help them and lets #KeepAmericaGreat.

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