The Ever Insufferable Bimbo Brigade: An Attack on Christians?

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The Mother of All Bimbos

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The Bimbo Brigade is a common tactic that politicians have been using for decades. Most often, it is used against Republican candidates due to the Evangelical following the party enjoys. Christians are the most likely to go pearl-clutching and distancing themselves from any politician who even smells slightly of impropriety, so frightened are they of having their “holiness” tainted. The opposition knows that. So out come the bimbos. Once they have done their job, they fade off into the woodwork with their tidy payout, never to be heard from again.

Expect this kind of attack to keep right on coming.

We decided to find out where the Bimbo train deposited its illustrious passengers. Let’s start with the MOAB. The mother of all bimbos. For those who try not to look at the seedier side of politics, that would be Stephanie Clifford. You may know her as Stormy Daniels, the porn star who said she had an affair with Donald Trump while Melania was home nursing infant Barron. Then she said she didn’t, then she said she did, again. After Stormy “came out” and then received victimhood status, she stayed in the spotlight through various and sundry stunts.

Stormy Strives to Stay Relevant

There was the attack on her person in 2011 that frightened her into keeping quiet about the affair. However, she decided not to speak about it until 2016, when she wanted the NDA lifted. When she gave a description of the man, it ended up looking identical to her ex-husband. No one saw this attack, either. Conveniently, there were no witnesses standing around, and not a camera in Las Vegas caught it. She says she told no one because “then the world would know.”

Stormy gave this statement to The View: “I was in a parking lot, going to a fitness class with my infant daughter. And a guy walked up on me and said to me, ‘Leave Trump alone. Forget the story.’ And then he leaned around and looked at my daughter and said, ‘That’s a beautiful little girl. It’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.’ And then he was gone.”

insufferable bimbo

She later went on to sue the President of the United States and ended up paying his lawyers fees when a judge dismissed the case to lift the NDA. Michael Avenatti dumped the porn “actress” for unknown reasons (probably because the money ran dry). Believe it or not, Stormy took her act on the road. First, with the “Make America Horny Again” tour, where she “toured” various strip clubs around the country. Although, some said it was a bit underwhelming.

Comedy Gold, or Just Getting Old?

The porn “star” also tried her hand at comedy, doing a stand-up routine centered around her alleged affair with the President. In said stand-up, Stormy took every opportunity she could to rip into the president. She recently had plenty to say about various aspects of the Mueller investigation keeping her (barely) in the news, to include praising Michael Cohen for “telling the truth” in testimony. The same Michael Cohen who is going to prison for various crimes, including lying to Congress.

The one stunningly disgusting thing that tops it all off was Clifford’s audacity to demand an apology from Melania Trump. Refusing to apologize to Melania for the slurs against her husband, or even for the alleged affair itself (no one knows, at this point, if it happened or not). Clifford had this to say during ‘An Intimate Evening with Stormy Daniels’ at Stand Up NY: “I’ll apologize to Melania when she apologizes to the country.”

Just a Working Girl

No one knows how much Stephanie Clifford was paid to start this scandal that never was. All we do know is that there is no evidence outside of a picture of her and Trump together among other people. No one saw them go anywhere alone together. No cameras caught them alone together. Clifford’s own flip-flopping casts serious doubt on her honesty and character, if the rest of her shenanigans didn’t. Then there are the legal fees that she is required to pay President Trump. No wonder she’s working it.

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The rest of the Bimbo Brigade who rode out against Donald Trump have either recanted their stories or just blew away with the wind. It is thought they took their newfound financial status and skipped town. Which is probably a good thing. The picture cannot be pretty from where they’re sitting if they are found out. One woman had her own brother come out and call her a liar on national television. That cannot be good for that nice little nest egg she acquired.

However, the reason behind the Bimbo Brigade is simple. It is an attack on Christians, who have overwhelmingly voted for Republican candidates because they align closest to Christianity as far as policy goes. Expect this kind of attack to keep right on coming. There are plenty of bimbos needing a paycheck, and the Democrat party has a huge wallet. It’s the taxpayer’s wallet, but – I digress.

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