SPOILER ALERT!: “Shaft” Review

“He’s one bad mutha…”  “SHUT YO MOUTH!”

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And with that, you know exactly what to expect. With a less than stellar opening weekend, there seems to be something amiss with the second installment of the iconic legend known as Shaft, as told by Samuel L. Jackson. It is not what you think, and that makes this the movie we all need but definitely do not deserve. WARNING: There will be spoiler alerts.

If definitely offends, it does a good job doing it. 

We pick up with John Shaft sharing a rather tumultuous moment with his girl.  She’s yelling less than lady-like words, and he realizes something is amiss. Then we hear gunshots go off.  Shaft, in Matrix like form, dispatches his assailants.

The Shaft Saga Continues…

We soon find out that he has a son, and the news causes a split between him and his girl. Fast forward, Young Shaft grows up and becomes part of the FBI as a data analyst. We see Shaft’s offspring embody a persona that is the exact opposite from his birth father.

Young Shaft is more metrosexual, rather weak in terms of build, and awkward in his personality.  He even hates the use of firearms and listens to Top 40 radio hits. Come to find out, his best friend is dead and it raises suspicions, so Young Shaft enlists the help of his father. The dynamics between father and son are grand.

This Movie will Trigger You

This movie has it all in terms of jokes.  It is unapologetic in terms of who it offends.  Shaft goes after everyone from gays, women, and pop culture, to the Millennial generation. Shaft basically hits on everyone and everything, and does not give a hoot who it offends.  

He hits on Muslims and pokes fun at black gangsters, Latinos, Asians, and everyone in between. Shaft is the very definition of “toxic masculinity” (or in reality, an Alpha male). If you have any SJW in you, you will not like this movie.  If you love a good laugh and are not offended by jokes, this movie will trigger your funny bone!

Why The Hate?

It seems as though Rotten Tomatoes critic score and audience score displays a real split.  The 91 “authorized reviewers” have collectively decreed the movie a 33%. They describe it as a movie that is, “Decades removed from the original, this multi-generational Shaft struggles to keep its characters interesting — or anything other than uncomfortably outdated.”  

What’s funny is that the 3944 audience reviewers collectively gave this movie a 94%! There definitely is a disconnect between “verified” critics and your average moviegoer. Like the guy down the street who just enjoys a good story and a fantastic cast with great content. Shaft stays true to the unapologetic nature of one bad mutha.

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A Must See For The Average Moviegoer

Declaring the movie “uncomfortably outdated” is just another SJW way of saying it’s misogynistic, sexist, racist, and any other -ists they can muster up. If definitely offends, it does a good job doing it. Not to mention it honors the old characters while introducing us to new ones, and without muddling up the story.

Shaft, the original.

You will even see the original Shaft make a cameo. Which simply adds to the generational dynamic, and that makes it even more fun. It just goes to show that if you do not fit into the “Woke” narrative, you don’t exist in the SJW world. The average basic moviegoer loved this movie. Anyone who enjoys a good laugh and are not afraid of targeting all things sjw, go see this movie!  

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