Pamela Anderson Visits Wikileaks’ Assange in London’s Super Max Belmarsh Prison

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Pamela Anderson Made a Trip to Visit Julian Assange in Prison

Pamela Anderson visits Julian Assange
Pamela Anderson outside Belmarsh Prison/The Guardian

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Anderson visited Julian Assange in London’s cold and harsh super max Belmarsh prison today, May 7, 2019. She was wearing a Bespoke blanket draped around her body and holding it tight. The words of free speech and Cromwell are written over the blanket, provoking my thoughts of English history and freedom of speech.

Assange is lucky to have Anderson.

While some people may be surprised to hear of her visit to see Assange, this is not the first time. Anderson also paid a visit to the Wikileaks founder while he was residing in an Ecuadorian Embassy under an asylum claim. He was placed in Belmarsh Supermax Prison after he was removed from UK Ecuadorian embassy.

Using Fame to Draw Attention

Anderson spoke after meeting with Assange in a press conference outside the prison to bring public awareness to his plight. She stated how hard it was for her to walk through the prison to see him. Anderson also said, “He does not deserve to be in a supermax prison. He has never committed a violent act. He is an innocent person.” She added that it was very good to see him but she cannot imagine what he has been through.

“He has been kept from speaking to his children and she loves him very much. Justice will depend on public support. He appreciates the support of the public and that this is a misrule of operation and it is an absolute shock. Fundraising is very important to help his fight as he has sacrificed so much to shed light on the truth for us. We as Americans deserve to know the truth. We must save his life, that’s how serious it is.” says Anderson.

Thoughts of Cromwell

During 17th Century England, there was an explosion of radical religious and political dissent groups that involved common people engaging in political debate in the everyday world. This expanded engagement in public debate led to the common people expressing radical, visionary ideas that seemed grossly out of place with the mainstream ideologies of that time.

King Charles I upset Parliament with his incompetent government and high taxes. Parliament went to war with him. The parliament executed Charles I. Oliver Cromwell became King. Yet, Cromwell’s England was a remarkably tolerant one. This was due in part to the widespread desire among politicians and the general public to avoid the horrors of another civil war. There was also a strong Protestant ethic for religious toleration.

It was from religion that the everyday Interregnum radical drew their authority to speak in the public sphere and, more importantly, have their voice listened to. These combined factors created a religiously tolerant society that allowed people who had always been ostracized from political debate to now participate in it actively.

Separation of Church and State Conundrum

Interesting how in America we say, “In God We Trust” and lay our hand on the Bible in court. We also say that church and state are to be separate in order for our democracy to run smoothly. Seems a bit hypocritical and confusing. Wasn’t America founded with Christian ideas? Are we fooling ourselves to think that the two aren’t connected? There is a Christian moral code in this society that rises among its outstanding members.

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Manning Connection

Chelsea Manning was in solitary confinement for months. On March 8, Manning was sent back to prison for refusing to testify before a grand jury in the trial of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. At the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday night, her legal team expressed concern for her well-being.

“XY Chelsea” is a documentary clarifying the story from her point of view. Producer Davis and director Hawkins began making the film in 2015 when Manning was in prison. Hawkins and Manning communicated by letters and diaries. At first, Hawkins thought it was going to be a high-concept film without Manning in it, but when then President Barack Obama commuted her sentence, the act that starts the documentary, all of a sudden it became a different movie.

“I’m very concerned for Chelsea. I’m concerned for her being in prison obviously,” said attorney Nancy Hollander. “She’s not in solitary anymore, but I’m very concerned about her being there. And I’m concerned about what this means for the rest of her life. That this is just another example that the government is going to continue to go after her. There’s really no reason for them to need Chelsea’s testimony at this point as far as I’m concerned.”

Bottom line

Assange is lucky to have the love of Anderson right now during this time in his life. She went to the prison to see him out of love but her celebrity status brings a platform amplifying his fight.

The risk of being hacked serves a purpose. Potentially, it keeps politicians in order for fear of exposure. During his campaign, President Trump stated how beneficial Assange was in spotlighting Clinton’s corrupt crimes through Wikileaks revealing her emails to the public. Moreover, Americans devoured the leaked emails wanting to know the truth about Clinton. The question now is, will the President consider a pardon for Julian Assange?

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