Top 10 Trump Derangement Syndrome

TDS is a New American Tradition for POTUS Haters

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Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is real. It doesn’t take a psychologist to tell us that there is something clearly wrong among President Trump haters. Call it #resistance or anti-MAGA (Make America Great Again). Whatever label you put on it, Trump makes his haters lose their minds. During the run-up to and after the 2016 Trump election win, various crazy incidents involving unhinged Democrats occurred everywhere. Relying on Mainstream Media assurances that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in, many liberals became so despondent that they acted out irrationally. We’ll into Trump’s presidency, sufferers of TDS continue to get unhinged online and in public, throwing epic tantrums and doing the craziest things. Take a look and decide for yourself. Here are our top ten TDS:

Within a fantasy world, perhaps they thought their radical acts made it more likely that the Trump victory would just go away like a bad dream. After all, the news cycle bombarded them with the mantra that Trump is a racist, a homophobe, and a misogynist. Given that resume, how could he win – especially with so much of the establishment banking on “President Hillary Clinton” as an inevitability?

The American Left puts the fool in April Fool’s Day and every day for that matter. Let’s take a look back, in no particular order, at some highlights or lowlights of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

1. Man Threatens to Chop Off His Genitals if Trump Builds the Wall

In February, a University of California freshman supposedly vowed to cut off his “junk” if President Trump even added one mile to the wall between the US and Mexico. Several possibilities here: This could be either a) a deranged psychotic snowflake who has envisioned doing this and finally has a good enough reason to risk following up with it or b) a fame-seeking troll looking for his “15 minutes,” in which case the threat is hollow.

Maybe he thought he could rid himself of “toxic masculinity” to be more appealing to the protesting, rainbow-haired feminists. Of course, given their likely preferences, he is unlikely to find much action to help him drop the “incel” label. There are always the other supposed 56 genders, however, to get lucky with!

2. Anti-Trump Protester Face-Slapped a Police Horse

Now, it is fine to civilly protest. Under the US Constitution, citizens have that right in America. That is if you do not harm anyone and do not break any laws in the process. During an anti-Trump rally in Kansas City, a lady got so frustrated and worked up in her Trump hate, however, that she went too far. She screamed at and then tried to push a police horse out of her way.

The news cycle bombarded gullible liberals with the mantra that Trump is a racist, a homophobe, and a misogynist.

Trained to obey the officer and no one else, the horse was not going anywhere. She then allegedly decided to slap the animal in the face! Needless to say, she was arrested for abuse of a police service animal. It is a bad look to protest against a president who you claim is heartless and cruel while inflicting cruelty on an innocent creature. Additionally, it is hardly a selling point for your social justice cause.

3. Vape Store Clerk Gets Fired For Anti-Trump Rant Against Customer

In an incident that made national headlines, a borderline psycho could not even handle someone wearing a pro-Trump shirt who walked into a Georgia vape shop. In this encounter (see NSFW video clip below), in the absence of any company policy, the profanity-spewing employee took it upon himself to refuse to serve a customer. The employee verbally assaulted the customer trying to chase him out of the store.

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The company subsequently fired the employee. That kind of unstable worker would not be a candidate for employee of the month. How many other customers might have been turned away for daring to express a political opinion on their clothing?

4. Trump Inauguration Protest Damages Sections of Downtown D.C.

In the new tradition of resistance against all things Trump, a small segment of the crowd during the January 2017 inaugural predictably decided to go on a rampage. Cops arrested more than 200 protesters for vandalism and scuffling with officers; many more deserved to be detained but apparently, there were not enough police on the scene to subdue everyone involved. Given the political nature of the demonstrations, it is hard to distinguish between one-off protester violence and black-masked anarchists intent on causing trouble.

5. Madonna Ponders Blowing Up the White House at Women’s March

Trying desperately to revive her career, Madonna made terroristic threats against the incoming administration from the Women’s March podium. It may be trendy in Hollywood to pose as an extremist, but the one time “Material Girl” did herself no favors at the event. Madonna later claimed that she was just speaking metaphorically.

6. UK Marketing Agency Owns Up to the Lame ‘F— TRUMP’ Crop Circle Stunt

A British marketing agency created an approximately 700-foot wide “F*** Trump” crop circle message. Part of the stunt was using the Russian equivalent to the F-word. Really? It is not even your country.

How is that Brexit thing coming along? I do not recall any US marketing firms launching a guerrilla campaign of putting “Remain” literature in English-branded tea boxes. The voters in the UK need a Trump-type leader to Make Britain Great Again!

7. Trump Baby Blimp Flies Over London

Insulting a visiting world leader by approving an effigy balloon is not how to help your country with a key ally, Mayor Khan. At least the “Trump Baby” balloon did not go high up, and neither will the current London mayor if the increasing crime in the city is any prediction of his re-election chances. Khan critics raised more than enough money to fly a Khan baby balloon a month later.

8. Kathy Griffin Poses with Decapitated Trump Head

Did you think Sinead O’Connor of the Cranberries ruined her career by ripping up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live? Kathy Griffin effectively said, “Hold my beer!” while she torched the almost drained husk of hers by holding up a replica of the President’s decapitated head to the camera.

Like Madonna, maybe Griffin thought she could ride the seemingly popular wave of Trump hate back to celebrity status. Sadly for her, she’s had a visit from the Secret Service, cancellation of many gigs, and the unwanted honor of providing new material for other comedians.

9. Teacher Suspended for Comparing Trump to Hitler

A high school history teacher was suspended with pay for comparing President Trump to Adolph Hitler. As you might expect, it happened in California which is the epicenter of liberal insanity. Imposing political biases on young people is an unacceptable practice. Unfortunately, it’s one for which the educational system in this and other countries has been guilty for decades. Is it any surprise that graduates expect so-called social justice, high pay, and minimal labor?

Raised in a world where you get time off from school to go to a protest against the president, is it any wonder that after they are grown and enter the workforce, they expect to not only be tolerated but fostered in their entitled viewpoints? It then follows they cry bigotry or retaliatory firing practices for hurting their feelings and making their world a less-fun place to be.

Poor snowflakes! Parenting is also to blame. It is the parents who do not demand even-handed teaching practices. They are often the victims of the same school systems with teachers pushing personal beliefs, so it is understandable. Ideological neutrality should be mandatory in any taxpayer-funded, public school system.

10. Marine Kicked Out of Disney World for Unfurling a Trump 2020 Banner

An ex-US Marine was ejected from Disney World for daring to wave a Trump 2020 banner during the Splash Mountain ride. Disney prohibited him from visiting any Walt Disney World properties, including theme parks and resorts. Disney noted that it has a strict no signs or banners policy on its premises. However, Disney-owned ABC News and ESPN have a long history of political bias.

Karl Donaldson
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