Voter Fraud in Georgia: Stacey Abrams (D) Tries to Steal the Vote

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The Georgia Midterm Elections Are Still Going

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Georgia’s gubernatorial race has become national news. After months of heated campaigning, voters showed up in record numbers at the polls to vote. Election night was filled with anxiety as Georgians watched the numbers come in, wondering who would be the next Governor. As the results came in and it showed that all the precincts were reporting, it became clear that Republican candidate Brian Kemp had sealed the election and would be Governor-Elect.

However, the election seemingly did not end on Election day. Days after the election, Democrat Stacey Abrams is not only refusing to concede the election; she is filing lawsuits and claiming that she ‘knows’ there are enough outstanding ballots to trigger a runoff. Abrams has used more than one shady tactics in her effort to steal this election.

Georgia Elections Laws

The state of Georgia requires voters to present a valid photo I.D. card in order to cast a vote. There are six types of I.D. cards that are accepted, these include:

  • Any valid state or federal issued I.D.
  • A valid Georgia Drivers License- even if expired
  • Valid employee photo I.D. from a state or federal job
  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Valid U.S. military photo I.D.
  • Valid tribal photo I.D.

In the event that you do not have any of these forms of I.D., the county’s registrar office will provide a free photo I.D. There is no reason not to have some sort of identification to vote. However, if someone shows up to the polling place without an I.D., they will be allowed to vote on a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot is provided when there is a question of a voter’s eligibility to cast a vote. Those ballots are kept separate from other ballots in order to be investigated investigated after the election to determine if they are legitimate and if that vote should count. In most cases, three days is given to the voter to present identification and prove their eligibility to vote. Another way that a provisional ballot can be verified is by signature matching. A valid registration or past valid ballot on file is pulled, and the signatures are compared with the provisional ballot.

In addition to provisional ballots, there are early voting ballots, absentee ballots, and ballots that are cast in person on Election Day. Polling places are open from 7 AM until 7 PM on election day and all ballots, including absentee ballots, should be cast in that time frame (absentee ballots must be received by 7 PM on the day of the election with some exceptions for ballots from military and overseas voters). Precincts are then required to report the total number of ballots cast and the results from those ballots.

In order for a candidate to win he or she must receive a total of 50 percent of the vote plus one. In the event that no eligible candidate reaches that total, depending on the difference in totals between the candidates, either a recount or a runoff will then be scheduled.

Stacey Abrams Intentionally Is Causing Chaos and Confusion in Georgia

Since the election was held, Abrams has used a number of methods to prevent the results of the election from being declared. Beginning with refusing to concede, Abrams has attempted to use television ads, social media and more to assert that she still has a chance of winning the election, or at the very least forcing a runoff. Abrams even attempted to use campaign funds to buy $250,000 worth of advertising to promote a runoff that has yet to be declared.

In addition to Abrams refusal to concede and shady attempts at ad purchases, she has filed several lawsuits including one in Doughtry County Georgia where her sister, Judge Leslie Abrams, sits as an Obama appointed Federal Judge. This lawsuit was filed to request that all absentee ballots received between 7 PM on election day (when the polls closed) and the close of business on Friday be counted. This is consistent with the way military and overseas ballots are handled.

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When that injunction failed to produce enough votes to change the election, Abrams then moved on to filing a new lawsuit in hopes of delaying the county’s certification of votes and restoring some absentee and provisional ballots that were not counted due to mistakes. Georgia requires that all county’s certify election results by the Tuesday following an election. This last-ditch effort from Abrams is an attempt to find more votes for herself and force a runoff.

Late yesterday the Judge in the case for the delaying the county’s certification ruled in favor of Abrams. She now has until Friday to find more votes. The state must set up a hotline, review all provisional ballots and justify each vote that was thrown out.

Inconsistencies in Votes

While most of the media is focusing on these pointless lawsuits, interesting things are being discovered. There were an extraordinary amount of provisional ballots cast in this election. As those ballots are being investigated, most of them are being tossed out.

In Fulton County Georgia, there were 3,722 provisional ballots cast. Of those ballots, only 355 were accepted. The reasons that so many were rejected may surprise you-

  • 1,811 ballots were duplicate ballots
  • 972 ballots were out of county
  • 581 ballots were not registered
  • 3 ballots were not citizens

These results give you an idea of what is happening with these provisional ballots that Abrams is pushing so hard to be counted. With 1,811 ballots being duplicate ballots, that means that 1,811 voters voted twice- and that is only in one county! Not to mention, the out of county ballots and attempted votes by non-citizens.

The possibility that people were encouraged to vote provisionally when they knew they were not eligible to vote in an attempt to create doubt and questions about Georgia Election laws is real. Abrams has full campaign efforts in swing regarding provisional ballots. Her team has bought ads, sent emails, text messages and have a phone bank in operation. Abrams has even stated that she ‘knows’ there are more ballots left to be counted than has been reported and she ‘knows where they are.’ This is bizarre behavior, even by the left’s standards.

It Is Time to Let It Go, Stacey

At this point, the only thing that Abrams can hope to accomplish is making a lot of noise. According to the official results, there are only a maximum total of 13, 360 outstanding ballots remaining, including provisional ballots and absentee ballots cast by military individuals that have not yet been certified. Even if Abrams won every single one of those ballots, the totals would be Brian Kemp (R) – 50.10 percent and Stacey Abrams (D) 48.94 percent, resulting in Kemp being the clear winner.

Updated vote totals affirm Kemp’s victory, undermine Abrams’ baseless accusations and obvious lies -> #gapol #gagop #tcot #gafirst

— Brian Kemp (@BrianKempGA) November 12, 2018

Abrams is determined to undermine the election laws in Georgia and cause doubt in the process. Abrams is backed by Hollywood celebrities and big names in the Democrat political party. What is the reason that so much effort is being put into stealing this election? The answer to that would be the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Democrats know that the cards are stacked against them. They have lost power in so many areas that their attempts to secure elections with illegal votes, dead votes and gerrymandering is no longer viable. They know that they need power in some of these key red states to make up for that and the fact that they lost their ‘blue wall’ in the midwest due to President Trump restoring manufacturing jobs.

Although it is highly unlikely that Abrams will be able to change the results of this election and it is likely that Brian Kemp will officially be Georgia’s Governor-Elect, conservatives must stand firm and demand that our voting system be protected from fraud. The midterm elections show that the Democrats have not been able to recapture the support they need to regain power in the White House. Winning the House back by a very slim margin but losing in all other areas when historically the incumbent party usually loses both the Senate and the House shows that the MAGA movement is still very strong.

In order to Keep America Great, it is imperative that the right unify and rid the party of division. It is time to set our sights on the 2020 presidential election.

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