Kavanaugh Drama: Michael Avenetti Vs 4Chan

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Who Is 4Chan

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Before beginning, We have to lay the groundwork of what 4chan is. 4chan is a board where people can post anonymously anything they wish to post. This has caused widespread criticism from organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center who view 4Chan as Alt right and Neo-Nazi in its leanings. They claim, groups such as these, pushed Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. This is also where rumors of Donald Trump being a racist begin.

The 4chan board is also known for is its use of memes. The most popular meme is that of Pepe the frog who was quickly deemed a symbol of white supremacist, therefore, a symbol of racism. While these views may have some merit they are not necessarily true. It is critical that we divide fact from fiction when deciding what is or is not racist in origin. If we deem everything we disagree with racist we set a precedent for putting ourselves in this tiny box of hypocrisy.

There are many people who use the 4chan boards, you could argue as with all social media venues, who are extreme in their viewpoints. We have alt-right, neo-nazi and more across the fabric of social media and to target 4chan specifically is hypocritical. Many on 4chan research, participate in many things other than the groups mentioned above. In the end, 4chan, although not exactly your friendliest social media group, is not the beast every left-leaning democrat socialist would have you to believe it is.

Who Punked Avenatti

The world of social media was lit on fire yesterday as rumors swirled that Michael Avenetti, known as the creepy porn lawyer, had been punked by 4chan. Nearly all on the conservative side cheered or roared with laughter. Michael as par for the course has inserted himself into yet another Democrat fiasco I will call “Operation Smear Gate.” It seems he could not resist the urge once again to hog the spotlight.

According to one MSNBC reporter, he was now the “Savior of the Republic.” Others praised him for his good work in bringing to light the horrors of “train rape,” which are the new allegations by his mystery client. This is just a new term entirely fabricated by the Democrats. He was utterly basking in the light of his perceived glory until the 4chans pulled the rug right out from under him.

According to an anonymous source, someone on 4chan decided the high and mighty Michael Avenetti needed a lesson in humility. Then with the help of a hooker and a burner phone, they set up a sting operation, and the fun began. Michael Avenatti was about to be burned in a way he did not see coming.

The lady in question, according to the pre-scripted plan, contacted Michael with a story about being gang-raped by Judge Brett Kavanaugh and close friend Mark Judge. Michael, we are told begin salivating over the news. Immediately he wanted full disclosure asking her to sign exclusive story rights to CNN. She told him she was broke, her car broken down and she would need money. Several phone calls later and large amounts of money ranging from $25,000 to $75,000, Michael took the bait. Between a series of around 11 phones calls the deal was made.

Devils In the Details

Michael then started the usual rounds on the mainstream media proclaiming he had one silent witness who was going to testify about Supreme court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, buddy Mark Judge and the group of “train rapes” they ran in college. Supposedly he was working with the witness who was scared to come forward after so many years. A familiar theme we have heard through the entire Kavanaugh proceedings.

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Michael sent a few cryptic tweets tagging Senator Grassley about words that he alleged came from the victim. It turns out it is in fact from Judge Kavanaugh’s yearbook where he stated: “I survived the FFFFFFFourth of July.” According to Michaels’s cryptic tweet, the long row of F’s mean things I will not write here. You get the point. The yearbook also references the Devil’s triangle, another supposed hidden meaning for sexual relations with more than one person.

I guess it never occurred to Michael perhaps it means exactly what it says. The many F’s might mean had a good time or maybe it means he survived it literally. When we begin to mince others words, we can make them say anything we want them to say. It is odd in the age of internet access that Michael did not do a better job with his homework. It did not take long at all for someone to track down the yearbook in question and call Michael out on it.

The Devil’s in the details could mean any number of things, and for Michael to say with certainty it means one thing is absurd. If you look at the picture in the yearbook he is referring to, Kavanaugh is a quarterback with three fingers pointing downward. One has to assume that this would be a play call and not the hormones of a teenager overreacting after a play has finished.

The one thing that never occurred to Michael was that he was being set up in the worst way ever. They gave him just enough rope to hang himself then they destroyed the phone and disappeared quietly into the night. Michael never knew the punch was coming. To make up for being burned, he has come out swinging like a drunken madman punching at the wind.

What Did It Cause

The fallout today has really been quite funny. Michael immediately made his Twitter account private this morning after being hit so many times. Not the move of a confident man. The internet erupted with many replies of ‘this has made my day,’ ‘I hope this is true,’ and ‘serves him right.’ While we cannot know for certain the 4chan prank is real; it has made for great entertainment at Michael’s expense. Michael true to form came out swinging in a tweet that how now been deleted.

4chan is playing a very dangerous game right now. I could shut it all down in an instance
— Michael Avenatti

Moral of the Story

I am pretty sure that we all have certain biases toward people. Michael Avenetti is no different. He has proven time and again that he is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy President Trump’s agenda. We watched him parade Stormy Daniels around for over a year and when that failed she dumped him.

The objective of the Democrats by parading supposed victims, one after another, is something that should scare all Americans. They have hit a new low to be willing to destroy an innocent man and his family in order to take a punch at a President they hate. Americans deserve better. We deserve better from a party that vilifies good and triumphs in evil, trots hookers, harlots, and whores as saints and expects us to worship the ground they walk on. We deserve more than creepy porn lawyers that preen and boast arrogantly touting their nonexistent virtues.

It does not matter if the 4chans punked Michael or not. What truly matters is that he has been shown as a lying, corrupt scum once again. If we ever hope to end this ceaseless war on our Republic we need to vote these Senators, Congressmen, and Representatives out of office once, for all.

Michael Avenatti is just one many resistors out there. Do not expect this sideshow drama to go away until we start showing them that we the people have had enough. We do that at the ballot box. This is how power is removed. The prank by the 4chans, if true, is funny. However, it will not remove the crooked politicians who have made this storm possible. Your vote will so remember to vote in November!

Mike Cernovich made a great point on Twitter. Whatever happened, whoever is responsible, Michael Avenatti alone bears the burden of proof.

An allegation against Avennati has been made, and the burden of proof is now on him to disprove these rumors. Those are The Rules.
— Mike Cernovich (@cernovich) Spetember 21, 2018 

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