Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick Was Not Attacked by Kavanaugh

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Julie Swetnick Was Never Attacked Personally By Kavanaugh

Below is my correspondence to Mr. Davis of moments ago, together with a sworn declaration from my client. We demand an immediate FBI investigation into the allegations. Under no circumstances should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed absent a full and complete investigation.
— Michael Avenatti (@MichaelAvenatti) Spetember 26, 2018 

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Interestingly, everything that Julie Swetnick mentions in her statement was viewed from a distance. Nothing that she lists as being perpetrated by Brett Kavanaugh ever happens to her personally. She does mention that she was “gang raped,” but is careful to never mention that Brett Kavanaugh was involved in the rape itself. Swetnick, however, does reference seeing Kavanaugh try to get women inebriated in order to “gang rape” them, but never actually saw this sexual attack take place. Every single allegation against Kavanaugh was something he did to “girls,” but never to a specific person. Additionally, she never mentions a specific, detailed action, but rather just blanket statements on the kinds of things that Kavanaugh supposedly did. It is evident that specifics were blatantly left out of this statement by Swetnick.

This vague wording will be exactly what she needs to escape the perjury charges if she were to ever face them – which is highly unlikely due to the truth about the parties from over 35 years ago being largely unverifiable.

Julie Swetnick States She Attended “Over Ten House Parties” Where Predatory Activities Were Present

The portion of Swetnick’s statement that is hardest to believe is where she claims she attended “well over ten house parties” where Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge (plus other unnamed men) were (supposedly) actively engaging in predatory activities of a sexual nature toward women. The list of things that were supposedly happening includes- aggressive touching, derogatory language, unsolicited physical advances, and, most egregiously, planned gang rape. She even details that the girls targeted at the parties were “shy” and “vulnerable,” yet she just sat and watched this atrocity take place?

The question that abounds is this: why would a young lady who saw these practices take place ever keep going back to these parties (over ten times), especially after seeing what she believed to be a gang rape? Returning to parties such as these eventually led to her being attacked, and gang-raped herself, by her own admission. If such an attack took place, why wouldn’t that individual, or any individual, report that activity to the police? Supposedly there were many young women at these parties, but none of them, even the ones who were not harassed or attacked, ever mentioned this to their parents or authorities. Some things just do not add up in this story.

This is Simply Another Smear Campaign

Lawyer Michael Avenatti is doing his best to accomplish two things: destroy President Trump and anyone associated with him, and build his brand for a run for President. He did not get his wish in destroying President Trump with the Stormy Daniels story, so he has moved on to destroying Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh. The entire saga (Ford, Ramirez, and now Swetnick) reeks of desperation and a hit job. The left is doing anything and everything it can to destroy anything Trump touches. They are rabid with vitriol.

Don’t fall for it, America. Confirm Kavanaugh.

Bradley Brewer
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