No Joke: YouTube Star Joey Salads & the GOP Movement

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‘Forgotten No More’

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Joseph Saladino, aka Joey Salads, has made a name for himself through the videos he has produced on YouTube. He has been super successful in that sphere of influence, amassing over one billion views a year over his different channels. The native Staten Islander has always had a knack for making content that gets people talking – either through pranks or his social experiments. Now he’s shifting his focus from producing content for YouTube to trying to enact change at the national & state levels.

Video via Joey Salads on YouTube.

Unlike many of his peers in YouTube stardom, Joey is a self-avowed Republican, espousing conservative, family values. Coming from a working class family, Saladino has always been a family-oriented individual who looks for what can better his Staten Island community. You can love him or hate him, but no one has ever been able to questions Joey’s passion for his family or his work ethic in building his social media businesses.

“Joey is here to fight back, and he will be able to carry the District’s voice to Congress. “

Excerpt from Saladino for Congress’ website.

That’s why Joey is running for Congress in New York’s 11th District (South Brooklyn & Staten Island). From his the bio on his Congressional campaign site, Joey describes giving a voice to a voiceless community, his community – Staten Island and south Brooklyn. His mission is clear: “He wants to be the voice for New York District 11. The State and City governments loathe the district and actively pursue an agenda of hostility towards the working-class people who live there. Joey is here to fight back, and he will be able to carry the District’s voice to Congress.”

Joey Salads Looks to Change the GOP for the Better in New York

Saladino recently released the official announcement of his running via YouTube (a no-brainer). In the video, he speaks candidly about the state of the Republican party in New York and his disdain that his district is continually swept under the rug in the local/state political scene. That’s something that believes has to change, and fast.

Joey also speaks at length about the need to cultivate the youth movement in New York (Staten Island specifically) in regards to what being a Republican is all about. He sees the necessity to really educate the youth of the community around conservative ideals which will lead to higher adoption rate of the Republican party. His hot-button issues are continuing to build the economy with the Trump plan, putting an end to illegal immigration, and building a strong national defense by looking out for America first.You can read all of his positional statements here.
Video via Joey Salads on YouTube.

It’s clear from the smear campaigns emerging from leftist outlets like The Daily Beast and others that Joey’s candidacy is being taken seriously. They’re already taking clips from his videos out of context to try and destroy his candidacy before it even begins. The Democrats have had a stranglehold on the state of New York for many years, but Saladino is looking to put an end to that. Feel free to check out his campaign and donate if you are inclined to do so at Saladino for Congress or check him out on Twitter at @JoeySalads.

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