The Democrat’s Millennial Voting Block

The Consequences of Voting Democrat

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No generation suffers more from voting Democrat than the millennial generation; the Democratic Party’s promises have caused millennials, particularly college-aged men and women, to have a vastly different outlook on issues from the rest of America. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has employed a classic bait-and-switch scheme on young people, knowing full well how many can easily be taken advantage of, in order to further promote their fallacious agenda and keep winning elections. The increasingly leftward drift so many millennials have taken, both in thought and action, is evident through numerous factors.

Liberal Brainwashing

Studies done by the Pew Research Center highlight that leftward drift. According to their latest research, 59% of millennials affiliate or lean with the Democratic Party, while just 32% align with the GOP. Another key finding is that 57% of millennials believe in bigger government, while only 37% believe in smaller government; when asked, 67% of millennials believe that it is the government’s job to provide healthcare to all. Universal health care has failed, with devastating results for patients, in countries like the UK and Canada.

It is not just the modern Democratic Party, which is gradually being overtaken by socialists, that has helped promote such values; our educational institutions have also helped foster such beliefs, thus serving as puppets in promoting leftist ideology. Young men and women growing up are being told what to think, rather than allowing them to think for themselves; these are some of the factors that have contributed in millennials flocking to the Democrat Party, and in holding values that run contrary to what is right.

There is Hope

Despite the drastic leftward drift most of the current millennial generation has taken, there is still hope; there is a growing movement of young people vastly different from their slightly older millennial counterparts. In a July 2017 article by Salena Zito for the New York Post, she discusses how many from Generation Z (born between 1996-2010 specifically), are growing up to be right-wing, and highlights the research conducted to help support that argument. She also highlights the case of 18-year-old Trump supporter Max Bloomstine, who believes in the American Dream, understands the value of hard work, and views his parents as role models, not liberal athletes or celebrities. Young men like Max can serve as great role models for others, to help them understand the true meaning of the American Dream, the importance of morality in one’s life, and the integral value of the family unit. If the current trend of Generation Z continues, then there is hope for future generations of young people.

What Can We Do?

There are many things we can do to ensure our youngest, and most vulnerable, grow up on the right side. Our society has suffered a significant degradation, to the point where children grow up not truly knowing what is right or wrong. This helps serve as an opening for others to take control of their hearts and minds. Parents should always be there for their children and instill in them values that will help guide them through the difficulties that life brings. Young men and women should also be taught the value of hard work, and the great rewards they will reap as a result.

The Democrat Party is the party of indoctrination and believes in giving away handouts in exchange for votes. They will stop at nothing to help take control of the youngest of generations, to keep alive their electoral prospects. Young people represent the future. They must be allowed to grow up where they can positively contribute to society and help make this world a better place. If more children are properly raised, then many more young people will start making responsible decisions, both in their personal lives and in politics, and will not be sucked into the liberal indoctrination that runs amok daily in our society.

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