Midterm Elections: Key Christian States Could Bring a Big Red Wave

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Midterm Elections

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Historically, presidents have lost either the house or the Senate or both in their first mid-term elections. For President Donald Trump, this could be disastrous if Nancy Pelosi returned as Speaker of the House to block his conservative agenda and begin impeachment hearings. According to a new PRRI survey white evangelical support for President Trump is at an all-time high at 75 percent holding a favorable view of the president, and just 22 percent holding an unfavorable.

Fake News Media Declare War

In 2016, their unified support provided GOP candidate Trump with the margin of victory in key battleground states. Yet many mainstream media pundits who inhabit the alphabet soup television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN, believe the president is vulnerable to sustained fake news attacks. For the fake news cabal in New York and Washington D.C., it has become all-out warfare since the 45th president took the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

For several early months in the new administration, the constant hammering on fake news issue after issue seemed to be having a negative impact on the Oval Office occupant. The onslaught of the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative used by Democrat leaders on Capitol Hill and liberal print and network media pundits, combined with the fake Russian Dossier paid by the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign, damaged the president’s ability to govern.

The Media’s Efforts Have Not Worked

The premier presidential counter puncher did not let their media assaults dissuade him or marginalize his effort to carry through on his MAGA election promises. In fact, by slashing economically harmful federal regulations, successfully nominating conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch to the bench and signing into law the most significant tax relief bill since President Ronald Reagan, he beat back the herd of doubters. This is a president who focuses on winning issues that are important to the heartland of America. Unlike his feckless predecessor Barack Obama, he is being successful where it counts. Even a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, had approval ratings surging to 42% approve of Trump, the most in 11 months.

The polling news is even more disturbing for the anti-Trump Resist Movement that seems to be the political protest hammer of the liberals and the disenchanted Hillary followers who openly wept in their safe places. According to that same CNN poll, Trump only trailed Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama by a narrow 4 points at this point in their first terms.

The Christian Community Supports President Trump

For Christians, Trump has taken an absolute sledgehammer to Obama’s odious presidential policies that targeted Christians during his eight years of administrative tyranny. According to Life News, the president signed a law to overturn a rule under pro-abortion President Barack Obama that forced states to fund the abortion business Planned Parenthood. In addition, he protected medical workers and business owners who object to abortion when he created a new division within the U.S. Health and Human Services Department to protect religious freedom and conscience rights. Promises made and promises kept.

For Christian and especially white evangelicals in red and key leaning battleground states, the negative attacks on Trump by the left’s newest assault weapon, porn star Stormy Daniels, have not damaged the president. According to Rasmussen Reports, neither Daniels or James Comey, who is firing away publicly at President Trump during his “A Higher Loyalty” book tour, are leaving a mark on the president’s approval ratings. In fact, currently, the president’s job approval ratings remain at or near the 50% mark.

Christian Red States Could Help Swing Votes

The midterm elections may be several months away, but as more and more Christians and White Evangelicals continue to increase their support for the president, congressional Democrats and senators in red-states should be worried.

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When Trump became the first president to address the March for Life in Washington, D.C. this year, he made it clear that the Judeo-Christian values embedded in the U.S. Constitution were more than just words. At the November 2018 ballot box, voters will see what it means to have a president who takes the words “One nation under God” seriously.

Kevin Fobbs
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