American Exceptionalism: Angel Mom Sabine Durden Interview

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Sabine Durden is Key to Saving America’s Security

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Sabine Durden’s only child, Dominic Durden, was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala, at 30 years old. He was an incredible young man who loved helping his community, by volunteering for the local fire department and Emergency Relief Force, earning Volunteer of the Year 2004. On his way to work to the Riverside, CA sheriff’s 911 Dispatch, the illegal drunk driver struck Dominic and his motorcycle so hard that he died instantly on July 12, 2012. The illegal from Guatemala had two felonies, one deportation, two DUIs, no license, and no auto registration or insurance. He was only charged with a misdemeanor without gross negligence. The District Attorney persuaded shocked and grieving Sabine not to go to trial. The hearing was before a traffic court, and judge gave the killer a deal of nine months and 5-years probation. He only served 35 days.

I want to meet with her, mother to mother, face to face.

Sabine Durden

Here’s a portion of Kevin Fobbs and Susan Swift’s interview of Sabine Durden, on their weekly NRN show American Exceptionalism. The following quotes reflect Sabine Durden and her description of her recent Washington, DC trip and protest in front of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office:

What is an Angel Mom/Dad?

“It’s not a new term. It’s not a term we just created. I received a sticker from one of Dom’s best friends the day after he was killed. It’s in my car, and it says, ‘I’m an angel mom.’ It shows a broken heart with wings. It’s for any mom or dad that has lost a child. It doesn’t matter how we lost the child… We are moms, dads, or brothers and sisters to an angel. Our president started using that term after he met us and I had mentioned it to him. He started using ‘Angel Mom,’ ‘Angel Dad.’ It just went from there. So, every time you hear ‘Angel Mom,’ you think of us that have lost kids to illegals.”

Describe Your Washington, DC Protest, Outside Pelosi’s Office on January 15, 2019?

“It was exhilarating to be in her office. I’m trying to stay as positive as possible. I was hoping that maybe she would be woman enough to come out to greet us even if it was for a minute. I wanted her to say hi, thanks for stopping by or I’m sorry for your loss. I would have respected that. But she was hiding behind a wall. Hmm, isn’t a wall immoral? It’s weird how that works the other way around, but not for us. We saw Nancy with her staff members, and she looked really annoyed by us being there. We stayed in her office maybe 10 minutes. We were polite we didn’t rush in, even though I thought about it… I could have illegally entered her chamber, but since I’m a citizen of this country and I have respect for our laws, I chose to obey the law. The staff treated us indifferently. I didn’t want to be arrested by Capitol Police… I always honor my son.”

What Moved You and the Other Angel Moms to Go to Washington, DC at This Time?

“I would go any time or any day, as long as I can. This time, we were invited by Women for Trump (a wonderful woman I met, Amy Kremer – who is the president of that organization). She met me at the RNC in Cleveland. We stayed friends and then Amy asked me if I would be willing to come to D.C. and do something, shake up this place… to make sure people are heard and understand what this means. It snowballed from there. She took great care of us and made sure we got to the capitol… We waltzed right through the corridors and the basement, and we made it up to the office of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer… By the time we walked out of the office, Capitol Police was already standing around watching. It’s so funny, annoying and insulting when the DACAs run in there and block everything. DACAs roll in hundreds deep with their posters and their matching shirts and same hats that they all happen to have. You know, it’s organized. They won’t get stopped. It’s so cordial how Capitol Police asks them one by one to leave. When we get in there, we’re told to hold our pictures the other way around with the back part facing out hiding the photo… Just a few days later all the DACAs were there with their signs and the banners. It didn’t look like anybody stopped them.”

Have You Requested to Meet with Nancy Pelosi? Is she Afraid to Meet With You? Is She Dodging You?

“Yes, I called, and I was told to contact their event planner… I’m not gonna ambush her. I’m not gonna stalk her. That’s just not what I do. I’m on Twitter almost every day calling her out and telling her, that ‘Dominic and I want to come for a show-and-tell. I want you to meet him.’ I would love to be civil. I would really love to have two minutes with her. I would fly myself to D.C. I would pay my own way. It would be so worth it… I want to meet with her, mother to mother, face to face. I want to share Dominic with her, but no response.”

Kevin Fobbs
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