United We Stand, Divided We Fall: Trump’s MAGA Base Must Remain Unified

MAGA Conservatives Were United in 2016

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During the presidential campaign leading up to the 2016 elections Conservatives were, for once, united. After Donald Trump won the nomination as the Republican candidate for the presidency, all bets were off. Conservatives pulled together. The Democrats held nothing back. They dug up every skeleton, threw around a ton of lies, and relentlessly slandered Trump. It appeared that there was nothing that we could not withstand. Social media empowered us; fake news did not phase us. Because we were able to stand together united, we elected Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States against all odds.

What Has Changed?

Fast forward one year into Donald Trump’s presidency and what you will find will make you think that these united supporters never existed. Between the public infighting and the incredible amount of negativity surrounding every little thing that President Trump does, one must wonder how we were ever united. The president already must fight against the negative media coverage, fake news reports, white house leaks, obstructive Democrats, sneaky RINO Republicans (Republicans in Name Only), and a witch hunt led by Robert Mueller. Can he not count on his base to support him?

What happened to the united group of people that elected an outsider to Washington in a landslide electoral win? The moment that anything appears not to be going exactly as Conservatives would like it to, they immediately jump on the nearest form of social media and start whining. You can open Twitter and find all the fair-weather supporters saying, “If Trump does this (insert negative thing), I am off the Trump Train.” They jump to conclusions and react without all the facts. How many times must Trump prove himself before Conservatives get it?

Donald Trump, to date, has completed 64% of his campaign promises. He has worked tirelessly for an entire year to accomplish this. He has accomplished all of this without the full support of Republicans and no support from Democrats. Can we not give credit where credit is due? It is one thing to hold your president accountable to his promises and another thing entirely to attack the president if you think he “might” do one thing you do not agree with.

Donald Trump is Fighting To MAGA

What everyone fails to realize is that we do not live in a country run by a dictator. We have a president who is part of a system with checks and balances. We have three branches of government that are involved in the passing of bills. This means that our president cannot do whatever he likes. Even though the Republicans currently hold the majority in both the House and the Senate, there is not a majority that supports the MAGA (Make America Great Again) agenda. Trump is swimming upstream to deliver on his promises, but he is fighting like hell to do so.

With the Democrats who are determined to obstruct the MAGA agenda by any means necessary and the RINO Republicans who hate Trump threatening their establishment, compromise is necessary. Any person who has ever been in the business of making deals knows that there is always compromise. It is ignorant to think that we can plow through this swamp in ONE year and get 100% of what we want without giving anything.

That being said, the amount that our president has compromised thus far has been relatively little. Mostly the hysteria is caused by the IDEA of compromise. The hysteria must stop. Not only is it uncalled for it is damaging to the MAGA movement. All the empty threats to jump ship at every turn have to stop. You need to decide, are you MAGA or are you not? This is not about being Republican or Democrat. This transcends party politics; this is a movement. The Trump Train is unstoppable and will move forward with or without the fair-weather supporters.

Does this mean that we do not need to fight? Absolutely not! We must fight harder than ever. The results of the 2016 election were a HUGE win, but we won a battle, not the war. We have an entire hoard of panicked Democrats and never Trump Republicans to fight against. We have many battles left to fight if we truly want to Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again. In order to win those battles, we have to unite, once again, and fight where it matters. Where it matters is at the voting booth.

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It is Time to Fight for MAGA With Trump

It is time to stop the infighting, put aside our differences and unite to work together to get people into the voting booths. The 2018 midterm elections are extremely important. This is where we will help our president fully realize the MAGA agenda. For those of you who do not like having to compromise, instead of complaining about it, let’s do something about it. Complaining on social media does not accomplish anything. Instead, refocus and get people fired up to bring a big red wave in the midterm elections. Educate people on the importance of voting in these elections, not just the presidential elections. Find out who the MAGA, not just Republican, candidates are and see what you can do to help get their name out. Turn that negative energy into positive inspiration. Do you want change? Be the change!

There is so much work to be done. We must band together and be united. It is time to strap on your boots and prepare to fight. Let us lock arms and march into those voting booths and rock the MAGA vote. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall.

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