‘Biden’s Presidency Ended Last Night’ – Steve Bannon, ‘He’s a Lame-Duck’

Steve Bannon believes Joe Biden's presidency "ended" on Tuesday night. Republican Glenn Youngkin, endorsed by Donald Trump, won Virginia's gubernatorial race ...

Here We Go Again: 300,000 Mail-In Ballot Nightmare in the VA Governor’s Race

The Virginia Democrat Party has filed a lawsuit against the US Postal Service, arguing that the handling of mail-in ballots may deprive thousands of people of ...

Obama Slammed by Virginia Parents!

Parents in Virginia slammed former President Barack Obama for making "tone-deaf" remarks on complaints about school curricula and alleged sexual assaults that ...

George Soros Donated Millions to Help Turn Virginia Blue

George Soros and other wealthy Democrats have collectively donated more than $13 million to candidates to turn Virginia into a blue state, and have succeeded.

‘Brown Makeup’: Virginia AG Admits to Wearing Blackface

It has been a bad week for Virginia Democrats. Now, the Democrat Attorney General, Mark Herring admits to wearing blackface in the 1980s as well.

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