VIDEO: Woman Removed from Wichita Thunder Game for Wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” T-Shirt

On Sunday a woman donning a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt was removed from the Wichita Thunder Game in Wichita, Kansas. As she remains quiet while being ...

Football Legend Slams Woke Culture

In an interview this week, Aaron Rodgers, the Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the NFL's renowned Green Bay Packers, said he doesn't want to be a part of ...

WATCH: Democrats Go Ballistic on House Floor – Scream, Pound Desks When GOP Female Rep Proposes Bill Regarding Women’s Sports

A female Ohio GOP legislator presented an amendment to an Ohio bill that would protect biological female athletes from being forced to compete against ...

Mongolia’s Naadam Wrestling Embodies the Nation’s Resiliency

Several matches go on at the same time, wrestling on the green, open steppes, under the blue Mongolian skies, as referees stand by to declare a winner. ...

Stitt on the Bench: MAGA Athletes, NHL Prospect Victim of Trolling, and NBA Pay-Cuts

As with the rest of our lives sports have been impacted by COVID-19. The amount of smack talk has come close to replacing the hard hits!

Corrections Part II: Life Without Sports

Another correction seen in the aftermath of COVID-19 is life without sports. There are absolute negatives, but is this change really for the worse?

If You Like Sports This Isn’t Your Day

Fears of a coronavirus pandemic, sports move into pandemonium.

Fairytale Fury

With doubters placing their bets and running their mouths, Tyson Fury bruised them and Deontay Wilder alike. He changed his game and overcame life's odds to ...

Sports and Progressive Politics Aren’t Mixing

The trendy intersection of sports and social justice politics has proven to be a dead-end for sports leagues and the media outlets that cover them.

Unified Sports Would Bring Megan Rapinoe Equal Pay

Unified sports could be a legitimate answer to the question of equal pay in sports. Implementing it in children sports, males and females would learn to adjust.

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