Defunding Police: City Council Forces Seattle’s 1st Black Female Police Chief to Resign

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, the city's first black female police chief, will resign Wednesday morning after city council enacted massive cuts to the ...

A Look at the Left’s New Utopia Without Police 

Rioters in Seattle have carved out for themselves a now 9-block "Autonomous Zone". Free of cops and Constitution, it is a not-so-happy slice of Anarchy.

Right Seattle: The Heavy Hand of Liberalism

I returned from a lovely trip to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho to the "hell fire" Seattle riots. The contrast could not be more stark between the cities.

Seattle’s Necro-symbiotic Relationship with Business: The Death Knell of Uber

Seattle, with other cities, is subsidizing older tech to the detriment of it's citizenry.

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