Austria: Public broadcaster deletes report on persecution of Christians and Jews in Europe, without explanation

Could the abrupt and unexplained deletion of this report have anything to do with the identity of most or all of these incidents of persecution? There is, ...

Jexodus: Jews Exodus the Democrat Party

Ancient Jews escaped from the clutches of Pharaoh. Today many call for them to do the same thing. However, this time it is the DNC they are fleeing.

Islam: What are Muslim Values and Laws Doing in America?

Islam is the only “religion,” the exit of which is punishable by death. It should always be remembered that initially, Islam was the gang management system.

Anniversary of the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty

On the anniversary of the Israeli-Egyptian treaty, it is time to celebrate Israel.

Ocasio-Cortez: Millennial Lenin and Her Democrat Comrades

Power-drunk AOC entered the political realm a "Democrat Socialist." She and her comrades have proven the Democrats to be a Party of radical Marxists.

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