Hillary Clinton
Hillary: Trump Win in 2024 ‘Could Be the End of Our Democracy’

Hillary Clinton is worried, and she wants you to be, too. In an NBC interview on Sunday, the once-and-possibly-future presidential candidate painted a dark ...

Irony On Steroids: Hillary Laments People Not Being Held Accountable for Their Actions

The Leftist political elites, they are not like you and me. Hillary Clinton, who is the very model of the modern Leftist politician who is above the ...

Joe is the New Hillary

Joe Biden's last two presidential runs failed. As the "new Hillary," his gaffes won't be the only thing that will disqualify him; it's over before it began.

Trump Tower Meeting: Was it a Trump-Russia Setup?

What went on at the Trump Tower meeting, June 2016? Was it a Trump-Russia setup by the opposition? You decide... On June 16, 2015, then billionaire and ...

Hillary’s Emails: Justice Needs to Be Served

The Fight Against Double Standards: Hillary Clinton Recently disclosed emails show Hillary Clinton had classified information stored and communicated through ...

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