Austria: Public broadcaster deletes report on persecution of Christians and Jews in Europe, without explanation

Could the abrupt and unexplained deletion of this report have anything to do with the identity of most or all of these incidents of persecution? There is, ...

The Lovely European Dream for Macron is Over

Emmanuel Macron came out of nowhere and revived the European dream. In the same way, the 'yellow vests' came from nowhere to awaken France and Europe from that ...

French ‘Yellow Vests’ Show Little Sign of Easing

Standing up to a French government that is asking too much from its people. French countrymen and women -- young and old -- take to the streets to protest a ...

R. N. Coudenhove-Kalergi: Roots and Ideology behind Mass Migration

The truth behind the massive migration movements and the prime objective behind the organizations pushing for it are startling.

George Soros: Nazi Collaborator and Ringleader of Civil Unrest Worldwide

Open Society The name George Soros is synonymous with Globalist causes. George Soros has been implicated in the funding of fusion GPS. According to Patrick ...

Poland Announces Creation of Fort Trump

A Jubilant Reception US-Polish relations have taken a positive turn since the election of Donald Trump. President Trump’s visit to Poland last year showed ...

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