George Soros: Nazi Collaborator and Ringleader of Civil Unrest Worldwide

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Open Society

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The name George Soros is synonymous with Globalist causes. George Soros has been implicated in the funding of fusion GPS. According to Patrick Howley of Big League Politics, “Soros’s spokesman, Michael Vachon, told me that Soros hadn’t funded Fusion GPS directly but had made a grant to the Democracy Integrity Project, which used Fusion GPS as a contractor.”

It is now known Fusion GPS is the group behind the Anti-Trump dossier. Soros has also been behind funding and causing civil unrest throughout Western civilization through his organization, Open Society Foundations.

If the Label Fits

What many do not know is that George Soros is a Hungarian born Jewish anti-Semite. While the left labels anyone they disagree with, this label fits: George Soros is the very definition of an anti-Semite. Soros has admitted as much. According to an unauthorized biography by author Robert Slater, Soros admitted to growing up in a “Jewish, anti-Semitic home.”

In addition, in a 60 Minutes Interview, Soros admitted feeling no shame in having been a Nazi collaborator. This goes to show the depth of his depravity. When pressed about his participation in confiscating property from Jewish people in Europe Soros responded “Yes, that’s right yes.”

Soros has no regrets in having participated in the persecution of his own people. His evil ways continue, as he now funds J-Street, a group that opposes the democratically elected government in Israel. In addition, Soros funds an evangelical group which seeks to indoctrinate Christian youth against the state of Israel.

Persona Non Grata

Soros is also now persona non grata in both Israel and Hungary. He is guilty of subversion and supporting open borders groups across Western civilization. He supports the mass third world migration flooding Western countries and uses the migration crises to advance his agenda.

According to the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz, Prime Minister Netanyahu has accused George Soros of being behind protests against Israel’s decision to deport African asylum seekers. He openly supports left wing groups hostile to Israel just as he undermines other Western countries. According to Arutz Sheva, Soros’ shady organization has even gone as far as to work with Iranian officials and openly fund projects to subvert the will of the Israeli government.

A Real Nazi Must Be Disavowed

Despite left wing denials, there is evidence supporting claims that Soros is, in fact, a self-hating man of Jewish heritage and an anti-Semite. If the Republican party had a major donor with a Nazi past, the mainstream media would demand republicans disavow. It is time for liberals everywhere to disavow George Soros’ subversion of democracy in an attempt to ruin America’s Constitutional Republic, as well as for his anti-Semitism.

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