American Dream
Et Tu, First Amendment?

With tech’s invasion into our lives and censorship of our speech, one must question whether our First Amendment still holds its rightful legal status.

The Ties That Bind

The ties that bind Blacks together is the family unit, not a reflection back to the early American slave trade or to today's leftist attacks on America.

Makeup America: Beauty, Independence and Freedom

Makeup America is a patriotic cosmetic company with a compelling social mission. With Makeup America, you look good and do great.

Those “Hypocritical” Founders: Debunking Historical Myths

The left wants to re-write history, starting with Americas Founders. However, we must preserve our history, here is what you need to know.

The Asian Ideological Problem

Despite their entrepreneurial success, Asian-Americans may be drifting toward liberalism, hence the Asian ideological problem.

Trump Economy is the Hottest in the World Right Now

The American economy is booming! President Trump's policies are working and the effect can be felt across the nation. He's Making the Economy Great Again!

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