Great Race of Mercy – a Tale of Heroism

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Through an Alaskan blizzard a group of sled dogs race to save children. They brought them the medicine they needed and become immortalized as heroes.

The Unexpected Breakdown of the Common Law System

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An End to "Stare Decisis"? One of the crucial elements of our national history that is not taught to students in schools is that, by and large, the Founding Fathers…

LIFE Wins a Thrilling Victory

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Of the many historic wins in Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp may have just did the most important one. Dealing a death blow to infanticide, the LIFE is now law.

Rihanna and LVMH Announce New Fenty Label

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LVMH, the world’s largest luxury group, has announced their fresh, new offering: Rihanna's Fenty. Fans won’t have to wait long as the launch approaches soon.

Marxism and Counter-Evolution

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The failures of Marxism demonstrate the need for equality of opportunity and not outcome.If we fail to see this, we risk "counter-evolution."