Amazon To Slash Another 9,000 Jobs

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Amazon plans to cut another 9,000 jobs over the coming weeks due to concerns about economic uncertainty, according to a Monday press release. The company previously announced plans to cut…

Will Trump Be Arrested? Legal Expert Weighs In

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Former President Donald Trump said over the weekend he expects to be arrested. “WILL BE ARRESTED ON TUESDAY OF NEXT WEEK,” Trump wrote Saturday morning on his social media platform…

McCarthy Slams Biden’s Veto of Bipartisan Bill

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Monday criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to veto a bipartisan bill that would block a Labor Department rule. “President Biden’s first veto is against a…

Bernie the Old Bolshevik Fights on

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Lt. Hiroo Onoda hid in a Philippine jungle for three decades after World War II, devotedly carrying out his soldierly duties till 1974, when he returned to an unrecognizable Tokyo.…

Democrats Deserve Plenty of Blame for Bank Crisis

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The United States recently suffered the second-largest bank failure in the country’s history. The consensus view is that Silicon Valley Bank made a huge mistake by borrowing short term and…