How the Democrats Weaponize the Elections Process

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How the Democrats Weaponize the Elections Process

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Today, I argue the Democrats are weaponizing the elections process to rig elections in their favor.  Before I give you examples, let me first say that the recent exit of several states from ERIC – the thinly disguised get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats posing as a voter list maintenance operation – shows it is possible to undo the weaponization.  The days of Republicans and the political Right playing the patsy are over.

The first example of weaponization is federal DHS funding of a nonprofit called the Center for Internet Security to provide cybersecurity services to county elections offices free of charge.  The Center is not an honest broker.  It was instrumental in flagging supposed election ‘misinformation’ for the government / Big Tech censorship enterprise now well-known because of the release of the Twitter files and the Missouri court case.  So what we have here is censorship masquerading as cybersecurity.  This is the same artifice the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) uses in claiming that preventing ‘misinformation’ is somehow part of their mission to protect critical infrastructure.  Critics say states are perfectly capable of strengthening cybersecurity in the elections process on their own, citing Florida as an example.

Another left-wing nonprofit – U.S. Digital Response – purports to help local elections officials with better digital tools to run elections.  It’s funded by big money from the Left, including the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  It’s tied in with other left-wing entities which are all part of what has come to be called ‘Zuckerbucks’, the dubious private financing of elections.  Critics say US Digital Response in actuality works to help left-wing candidates win elections.

These are not the only nonprofits engaged in 501(c)(3) abuse – doing things never contemplated when tax-exempt status was initiated.   These so-called charities, which are supposed to be in the business of educating the public, have been weaponized to turn out likely Democrat voters in elections.  They are legally prohibited from conducting partisan voter registration drives, but get around the law by microtargeting certain demographics – “unmarried women, people of color, Millennials, Gen Z, and other historically under-represented groups in the electorate” – all of which lean Democrat.  Prominent nonprofits engaged in this effort include the Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information.  They promote mail-in voting and ignore uncompetitive red states.  Critics have called for banning nonprofit voter registration drives.

State and local governments are also weaponizing elections.  A bill in the Democrat-controlled Michigan legislature would reduce citizen participation in the elections process under the guise of keeping election workers ‘safe’.  If enacted, all elections officials would have to do is claim they feel ‘intimidated’ or ‘harassed’ and citizen poll watchers could be slapped with felony charges.  Democrats keep saying elections officials are being threatened but haven’t produced much evidence of that, so far.  So this is a bill that addresses a non-problem but in actuality makes it easier for the Democrats to cheat in elections.

East Lansing is compelling landlords to help register new tenants to vote, another likely Democrat constituency.  The landlords have sued, arguing this is unconstitutional compelled speech.  Chicago is pressuring inmates to vote in elections.  They are another likely Democrat constituency.  The inmates themselves are objecting, saying they are not registered to vote or are registered  elsewhere.  Critics say the city is engaged in illegal ballot harvesting and scooping up votes where there are no cameras or poll watchers.   Seattle has been handing out taxpayer-funded “democracy dollars” to another likely Democrat constituency – low-income residents – since 2015.  These are $100 worth of gift cards the voters can direct to their favorite political campaigns.  I don’t know how that’s legal, but it shouldn’t be.  You can bet if this scheme benefitted the Republicans, the Democrats in control of Seattle wouldn’t be doing it.

All of this may seem like small potatoes to you, but here’s where it’s headed if Democrat weaponization of the elections process is left unchecked:  Tens of thousands gathered last month to protest election law changes in Mexico.  Critics say the changes hobble the election agency that helped end one-party rule there.  I guarantee you there are Democrats in the U.S. who are looking at that and wondering to themselves, ‘how can we do that here? How can we rig the elections process, achieve one-party rule, and never get voted out again?’   If this sounds implausible to you after hearing the stories I told you about today, all I can say is you’re naïve.  The stories show you without question the Democrats are up to no good.

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