The Rise and Fall of ERIC

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Recent news shows it’s possible to undo the Democrats’ weaponization of our elections apparatus.

Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia joined Louisiana and Alabama in leaving ERIC, the voter registration data clearinghouse conservatives say is really a get-out-the-vote drive for Democrats.  ERIC is the Electronic Registration Information Center, initially funded with George Soros money [more documentation here] and, until recently, overseen by a high-profile Democrat election lawyer.  ERIC is supposed to help member states scrub their voter rolls of deceased and moved-away voters, but one of the complaints is that ERIC does a bad job, leaving the rolls bloated and elections vulnerable to fraud as a result.

Ohio and Iowa are the latest states to leave ERIC.  Alaska and Texas may follow.  States are leaving for many reasons.  One of the reasons Louisiana gave was the overall Democrat tilt to the entire operation.  Alabama was worried about a private group having access to voter data, among other things.  Ohio had asked for changes and left when none were forthcoming.  At this point, ERIC only serves the interests of the Democrats, Ohio’s Secretary of the State said in a letter.

These are not the only problems with ERIC.  It recently came to light ERIC has been sharing data with a left-wing nonprofit – the Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) – run by the very same high-profile Democrat election lawyer mentioned earlier (David Becker) who founded and only recently departed ERIC.  The data pinpointed likely Democrat voters who had not yet registered to vote so they could be targeted for partisan registration drives.

As if illicit data sharing were not enough, ERIC also restricts states from acting against noncitizens registered to vote and tells states to keep their list maintenance data secret even though federal law requires it be made public.  Other critics point out states are legally obligated to maintain their voter rolls and nothing in law allows them to outsource that function to outside private third parties, to begin with.  In addition, according to an election integrity activist in my network, ERIC also requires member states to move to “online only” voter registration to eliminate signed voter registration documents.  This completely frustrates signature verification requirements between registration documents and mail-in ballots in those states that require such verification.  Still other critics reinforce the perception, stated at the outset, that ERIC is far more effective at identifying potential voters for the Democrats than keeping the voter rolls up to date.

States are scrambling for alternatives.  Texas is developing an interstate crosscheck system to eliminate duplicate registrations.  There used to be such a system, but the left-wing ACLU sued it out of existence, clearing the field for ERIC.  Activists in Maryland point to one piece of the puzzle, a free service from the Post Office that standardizes addresses and tells you whether mail is deliverable there.  Then there is the Omega4America operation that hopes to be in 15 or 20 states in 2024.  It checks voter rolls against publicly available information to sniff out problem addresses in the records like hotels, RV parks, and prisons where felons are not supposed to vote.  It can also ferret out fraud by elections officials if, for example, they change inactive voters to active status in the records wholesale, mail them ballots that get intercepted, then change the records back to inactive status.

ERIC is just one way the Democrats have weaponized elections.  I’ll show you more when I return to the subject of election integrity next week.

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