Freedom for Venezuela: A Go From Guaido

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Shots fired, internet crackdown and Guaido calling for a military uprising. Could this be a chance for freedom for Venezuela. Follow the latest on the coup.

The Evil Side of Good Ole Mayor Pete

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Using identity politics to help gain a crowd, Pete Buttigieg attempts to insult Vice President Pence. There seems to be an evil side to good ol' Mayor Pete.

(D)emocrats, (D)emons, and (D)elusions

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Democrats and Leftists align with demons and have delusions of power. Is this the radical arm of the Party or its true base?

Happy Birthday FLOTUS Melania Trump

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Melania Trump believes it is our responsibility as adults to educate and reinforce the BE BEST life. Wish our beautiful FLOTUS Happy Birthday!

Left Has a Problem With Christians

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Democrat leaders such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemingly have a problem with praying for slaughtered Christians and Christianity.

Lessons From Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is a country struggling under the weight of an overreaching government. We can learn from their mistakes to prevent that from happening to us.

Changing Troll Culture

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Internet trolling has existed for many decades. However, today's trolls have turned predatory. Find out how to take a stand against these new trolls.

The Diversity Conundrum

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No one in Big Tech learned a lesson from the infamous Google memo. Now they are realizing their error. due to quality numbers dropping.