‘You Work For Us!’: Angry Chicago Residents Call Out Mayor During Heated Meeting Over Proposal to Shelter Migrants at City Park

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Residents of Chicago opposed to a new migrant housing proposal lashed out at a town hall meeting Tuesday night reminding city representatives they work for the American people.

Footage from the meeting held at the field house gym at Amundsen Park, which is the location chosen to shelter 200 migrants for six months, shows outraged residents blasting the plan, chanting, “You work for us!” at city leaders.

The Chicago Tribune described the heightened tensions inside the packed-out meeting and outside the building, as residents attempted to make their voices heard on the issue.

At some points during the meeting, the crowd chanted in unison “you work for us” and “what about kids?” Two groups of football players who use the park to practice filed into the meeting to stand before city representatives, some getting on the stage with officials, as attendees jumped onto chairs to film on their cellphones, cheering.

The meeting was the second the city has held in as many days as officials sprint to house and administer a mounting number of asylum-seekers arriving from the southern border.

At previous meetings, city representatives have presented about how the shelters will be operated and gone through frequently asked questions. On Tuesday, most of the officials on the panel were not able to speak because the crowd was shouting back at them.

Deputy Mayor Beatriz Ponce de León’s comment that “the people that we’re talking about are human beings just like you” was met with enough shouting that the second part of her statement was not audible.

Ald. Chris Taliaferro, 29th, asked many times for people to allow city representatives to speak and received loud boos and shoutsas he expressed support for Mayor Brandon Johnson’s administration’s work to house and administer to migrants.

Later, the crowd responded with stomping and cheers when he repeated his opposition to the use of Amundsen Park as a shelter.

“This is our park and we have a right to say so,” one citizen told city leaders. “You need to stop the buses, stop sanctuary city right now and get to the root of the problem.”

“I have compassion, but I can only go so far,” another fed-up resident said.

It’s clear Chicagoans are fed up with the busloads of illegals being shipped in from places like Texas, but the migrants arrive in the U.S. already intent on invading sanctuary cities, with recent footage showing many declaring “Chicago” as their preferred destination.

However, despite citizens’ complaints, Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson insisted just last week that Chicago would remain a sanctuary city welcoming to illegals, a designation that even Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams has had to reconsider.

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Watch highlights from the meeting edited by NBC Chicago below:

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