Video: Triggered GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Kicks Reporter

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RINO Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw was filmed kicking a reporter on Wednesday as the journalist tried to ask the Republican about his support of the globalist war machine.

The one-eyed warhawk reached his left leg forward to kick or trip National File journalist Noel Fritsch as he tried to walk past the politician.

“Assault!” fellow National File reporter Patrick Howley exclaimed when Crenshaw punted his colleague.

The outlet wrote on X, “Dan Crenshaw INTENTIONALLY ASSAULTED National File publisher @NoelFritsch while @HowleyReporter was asking Dan about his support for the War Machine and Scalise’s lack of votes needed to become #HouseSpeaker.”

Howley wrote, “I witnessed Dan Crenshaw kicking my buddy as I interviewed him for @nationalfile about his shilling for the war machine while Scalise lacks votes to be speaker.”

Crenshaw has long been a member of the GOP establishment supporting war, censorship, Big Pharma and anything anti-Trump.

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