Sustainable? Journalist Exposes Giant ‘Turbine Graveyards’ for ‘Eco-Friendly’ Windmill Blades

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Massive un-recyclable blades for windmill turbines are beginning to stack up in the Lone Star State, presenting an unsustainable problem for the supposedly sustainable energy project.

Independent journalist Ron Kendall Jr. has been documenting how the enormous windmill blades deteriorate in above-ground “turbine graveyards” once they’ve been de-commissioned, which he says happens every two to 10 years.

“Set aside the carbon cost of developing these farms and building them, putting the structures up, the wildlife cost, we really have to look at who is going to foot the bill for remediating all of these sites and bringing all these turbines down,” Kendall said in a recent interview with Sky News Australia.

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Kendall appeared in a recent mini-documentary by Yucca Films discussing the issue, saying, “[There’s] a lot of claims of recycling these blades, but we’re not seeing any of it.”

The short film provides a sobering behind-the-scenes look at the enormous amount of waste caused by the so-called green, clean, environmentally friendly sustainable wind projects touted by the left as a means to combat the “threat of climate change.”

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