UK Home Secretary Warns BILLIONS of Migrants Flooding Europe is a ‘Realistic Prospect’

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Europe faces an entirely “realistic” possibility of an unprecedented wave of billions of migrants, warned UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman last week.

In a speech at a Tory conference in Manchester on Tuesday, Braverman warned that Europe faces a massive wave of migration never before seen and that she will do “whatever it takes” to protect the UK’s borders.

“The wind of change that carried my own parents across the globe in the 20th Century was a mere gust compared to the hurricane that is coming,” she said.

“Because today the option of moving from a poorer country to a richer one is not just a dream for billions of people, it is an entirely realistic prospect.”

“Every human, every single person has the right to aspire to a better life,” she continued. “As conservatives, as one of the cornerstones of our philosophy, indeed, without that dream I wouldn’t be standing before you today. But conservatives are also practical and realistic.”

“Nobody can deny that there are far, far more people in poorer countries who would love to move to Britain than could ever be accommodated. Even if we concreted over the countryside, turned our cities into one vast building site and erected skyscrapers from Eastbourne to to Elgin, from Hull to Holyhead, it still wouldn’t be enough,” she added.

Some of those migrants already embedded in the UK, America, Canada, and other Western nations were seen celebrating Hamas’ terror attack against Israel over the weekend.

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Given migrants across the world in Western nations have been hailing the deaths of so-called “colonizers” like Israel in recent days, one wonders what these waves of migrants have planned for the very nations they’ve invaded.

“You’ll notice a word that is used for Israelis is the same word that they use for Westerners in the United States. They say ‘colonizers.’ They say ‘you’re colonizers and this is a de-colonization movement,’” Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said Monday.

“There’s a reason they’re specifically using that word. They’re priming their sleeper cells, extremist factions, their radicals — whether it’s Antifa, BLM, or others here in the U.S., some of which have penetrated our southern border which is of course wide open — they’re priming them for attacks like this to come more than likely which will take place in 2024.”

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