Iran Leader Khamenei Uses X to Hail Hamas Terror Attack That Killed 1,000 — But Alex Jones Still BANNED!

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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran and puppeteer behind Hamas, took to X to celebrate the terrorist group’s assault on Israel that resulted in 1,000 dead — meanwhile, Infowars founder Alex Jones is still banned from the platform.

“The Zionist regime is dying. #Palestine,” Imam Khamenei’s official X account wrote last Wednesday, two days before Hamas’ surprise invasion of Israel.

Amid Hamas’ attack on Saturday, Khamenei posted video of festival attendees fleeing Hamas terrorists in the Israeli desert, calling them “resistance forces.”

“God willing, the cancer of the usurper Zionist regime will be eradicated at the hands of the Palestinian people and the Resistance forces throughout the region,” he wrote.

Khamenei was fact-checked by Community Notes, which said, “The people seen fleeing in this video are not members of the ‘regime’ but rather concert-goes whose festivities Hamas disrupted, using force and taking hostages.”

Reports surfaced on Sunday that Iran helped Hamas plan its massive assault on Israel and ultimately green lighted the operation from Beirut last week.

Instead of banning Khamenei for advocating for violence against Jews to his nearly 1 million followers on X, its CEO Elon Musk issued a stern statement to Iran’s leader in response to the disturbing video.

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“Khamenei’s official position is clear that the eradication of Israel is the actual goal, not just supporting Palestinians. That will not happen. All that actually happens, decade after decade, is a never-ending cycle of violence and vengeance. Stoking the fires of hatred isn’t working. Perhaps it is time to consider something else,” Musk wrote Sunday.

But Alex Jones, who has never killed anybody or even advocated for violence, remains banned on X and other social media platforms for FAR less.

“American populists and conservatives are treated worse than radical jihadist terrorists by the system,” Alex Jones said.

“People need to understand that, because we’re telling the truth and we’re good and we’re popular. But the system uses these attacks to take control of our lives, so they promote it to scare people.”

“I’m censored off all the major platforms so I can’t go on there and explain that Biden gave $6 billion to Iran last month or gave tens of billions in military equipment to Afghanistan or weapons out of Ukraine,” he added.

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