Watch: Police Bodycam Footage Shows NJ School Board Officials Calling Police on Citizens Who Look “Trumpish”

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School officials in New Jersey are under fire for profiling attendees of a school board meeting, who they reported to police for looking “Trumpish.”

Police body cam footage obtained via FOIA request by journalist James O’Keefe’s new media outfit O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) shows police in Livingston responding to a call from the board of education, whose Assistant Superintendent Toni McLaughlin on Aug. 8 called police on people who “looked different.”

“They’re different looking,” McLaughlin told a responding officer, adding, “Um, they look Trumpish. They look a little scary.”

The officer later asked if they could be “not like Antifa, but something along those lines,” with which McLaughlin agreed.

Another school official admitted to the officer she’d gone and taken photos of cars in the parking lot, prompting O’Keefe to declare, “The police colluded with school officials to scan license plates of school board meeting attendees who looked different.”

The incident unfolded earlier this month after O’Keefe personally attended a board meeting asking why tax dollars were being spent on audits that seek to ensure schools in the district are promoting far-left ideologies like “global citizenship.”

In OMG’s latest video, O’Keefe caught up with McLaughlin to ask her what she meant when she described him as “Trumpish.”

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“You said that there’s ‘Trumpish’ people. What did you mean by ‘Trumpish’ at the school board meetings?” O’Keefe asked McLaughlin, who attempted to avoid and evade him.

O’Keefe says there’s more body cam footage soon forthcoming that will encourage school officials to be honest, and ensure they’re not mistreating school board attendees or acting above the law.

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