Video: Marching ‘Blood Tribe’ Nazi Admits He’s a Biden Supporter, Another ID’d As Ukrainian Soldier

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Groups of “Nazis” who call themselves the “Blood Tribe” and “Goyim Defense League” exposed themselves as Biden supporters and Azov Battalion members while marching in a rally in Orlando, Florida.

Blood Tribe leader Christopher Pohlhaus, a former Marine who also goes by “Hammer”, accidentally let slip to reporters that he’s a Biden supporter while railing against “white subjugators.”

“I think Biden is better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine!” Pohlhaus declared as a tattoo-faced member behind him yelled, “Slava Ukraini!”

As it turns out, that tattoo-faced individual was identified as a member of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia known as the Azov Battalion.

Notably, Democrat voters are much more supportive of Joe Biden’s continued arming of Ukraine and its neo-Nazi fighters than conservatives.

These astroturfed and red-uniformed white supremacists were immediately ridiculed as feds trying to smear conservatives, reminiscent of the synthetic “Patriot Front” group.

“Here we go with the false flag nonsense again. These are ‘DeSantis supporters’ flying neo-nazi flags outside Disney World. Your life has got to be a sad one to do right-wing cosplay because your ideas suck. It’s just so pathetic,” journalist Kyle Becker said.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the mainstream media, Democrat lawmakers like Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.), and even general supporters of the Ukraine conflict have been sympathetic to the Azov Battalion.

However, Zelensky and the media have attempted to downplay their role in the Ukraine war against Russia.

“They are what they are, they were defending our country,” Zelensky said.

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