WATCH: Hundreds of Motorcycle Rowdies Take Over Streets of San Francisco as Residents Beg for Police Response

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Residents of San Francisco expressed outrage after hundreds of ATV riders swarmed streets, sidewalks, and businesses this week with no detectable response from law enforcement, according to reports.

Footage of thugs illegally riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, and other all-terrain vehicles in the crime-ridden California city has been circulating on social media.

They reportedly blocked traffic, drove in opposing lanes, and performed dangerous stunts for hours in Fog City.

“Not one f**king cop in 30 minutes. I called 911. I called the Richmond [police] station,” one man could be heard raging as two-wheelers raced down pedestrian walkways in front of homes.

“They need to start shooting them. F**king shoot them. They’re on the sidewalk.”

In one video, motorcycle riders can be seen performing dangerous stunts on the Golden Gate Bridge.

As witnesses pointed out, many of the machines did not have license plates.

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“Police decided not to chase the motorcyclists, Sgt. Kathryn Winters said, citing a department policy that requires officers to balance the urgency of capturing someone against the risks to other motorists and pedestrians. The rule effectively restricts officers from pursuing anyone who is not committing a violent felony or posing an immediate threat to public safety,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Infowars has frequently reported on the surge of dangerous ‘street takeovers’ or ‘side shows,’ which have become a serious and widespread issue across the United States.

Investigative journalist Nick Sortor joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss his recent run-ins with strange people stalking and harassing him as he reports on the Maui fire disaster.

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