Hackers Paralyze Las Vegas Casinos in Catastrophic Cyberattacks

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We asked this question on Wednesday: Sin-City Cyber-Siege?

MGM Resorts International isn’t the only Vegas casino dealing with cyberattacks. People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Caesars Entertainment Inc. is about to reveal in a regulatory filing it was the victim of a cyberattack on Aug. 27. 

The disclosure of the alleged Caesars breach comes four days after MGM Resorts International has been plagued with a cyberattack since Sunday, shutting down critical computer systems responsible for operations at more than a dozen properties.

According to the people, Caesars and MGM were hit by the same hacking group, known as Scattered Spider or UNC 3944. 

Here’s more from Bloomberg: 

MGM was still working to resolve the turmoil caused by the hackers, known as Scattered Spider, four days into the cyberattack that has disrupted the company’s websites, reservation system and some slot machines at its casinos across the country, according to two of the people.

Caesars was also hacked by the same group in a cyberattack a few weeks earlier, and ended up paying tens of million of dollars to the hackers, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The hackers first breached an outside IT vendor before gaining access to the company’s network, two of the people said.

As of Thursday morning, MGM websites remain inaccessible.

The people said the hacking group comprises of young adults (“some as young as 19 years old”) across the US and the UK. 

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We would’ve thought by now corporate media and the Biden administration would’ve blamed Moscow hackers. 

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