Breaking: Infowars’ Owen Shroyer Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Imposter Social Media Account, Demands X Take Action

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Owen Shroyer, host of the Infowars War Room, issued a pair of legal notices on Thursday demanding X (formerly Twitter) take action against accounts clearly violating their terms of service, and that one specific imposter account immediately stop misappropriating Shroyer’s identity.

The legal move comes a week after Infowars wrote about several fake Owen Shroyer accounts using the journalist’s likeness, issuing messages on his behalf and harassing other users.

One imposter Shroyer account even sports an official blue check mark and has deceived work associates and other media outlets who believed the phony account was the real Shroyer.

Constitutional & Civil Rights Attorney Lexis Anderson, who is representing Shroyer in the matter, joined War Room on Wednesday to explain how the accounts are violating X terms of service and why Shroyer is taking action.

The letter to the blue check imposter Shroyer states, “Over the course of nearly a year, you have engaged in crude, derogatory, and inappropriate commentary on X while using Mr. Shroyer’s name and image. On several occasions, you have impersonated Mr. Shroyer and misled other X users, many of whom know Mr. Shroyer personally and/or professionally, to believe that you represent his identity and opinions. In doing so, you are actively damaging Mr. Shroyer’s reputation and professional credibility as a reporter, journalist, and media personality.”

The individual running the account was put on notice that there will be civil action taken if they don’t immediately stop “publishing content under Mr. Shroyer’s name.”

“Remove Mr. Shroyer’s name from your account and X handle, remove all images of Mr. Shroyer from your profile, erase all elements used to impersonate Mr. Shroyer’s identity from your bio, and clearly signify that you are not and have never been affiliated with Mr. Shroyer by indicating that you are a ‘parody’ or ‘fake’ account in both your name and bio,” the message demands.

The legal notice delivered to X demands the social media company take action against the imposter Shroyer “for failing to comply with X’s Terms of Service and engaging in defamation and the misappropriation of Mr. Shroyer’s name and likeness in violation of Texas state law.”

The letter also accurately pointed out that since X users can now receive payments for their activity on the website, “this fraudulent account may receive monetary benefit from its theft of Mr. Shroyer’s identity.”

X was made aware of each violation of their own terms of service as well as Texas state laws.

Anderson also noted Shroyer is unable to defend himself against the phony accounts because his X account remains “unjustly suspended” from the Jack Dorsey era of Twitter.

“Mr. Shroyer demands that his original account, of the name ‘J. Owen Shroyer’ (username ‘@allidoisowen’), be restored so that he may defend his reputation in the public square,” the attorney wrote. “Mr. Shroyer was never given a reason as to why his account was suspended in early 2020 or why his subsequent appeals have been rejected. Many accounts that were unjustly banned prior to the recent change of leadership at X have been restored.”

“Not only is Mr. Shroyer entitled to the same reversal of his suspension, but he requires it so that he may defend his reputation and protect himself against further fraudulent misappropriations of his identity and defamatory activity on this platform. We implore you to correct this wrong.”

Read the full letters below:

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Breaking: Infowars’ Owen Shroyer Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Imposter Social Media Account, Demands X Take Action

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