Biden Administration Claims “White Supremacy” Greatest Terrorist Threat Americans Face In Response To Florida Shooting

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Top Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told Americans on Tuesday the biggest terror threat they face comes from white supremacists and claimed those individuals want to divide the country.

The pair each spoke about a recent shooting in Jacksonville, Florida where a white man shot and killed three black people before turning the gun on himself.

Police say the shooter had a swastika on his firearm and that he left manifestos declaring hatred for the black race.

According to the shooter’s father, the murderer was having a psychotic episode as he recently stopped taking his medications.

Biden told the press on Monday, “The U.S. intelligence has determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the homeland. The greatest threat.”

Yes, the same intelligence community that lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop, played a role in the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, RFK and countless others, and ran illegal coups around the globe is now dividing the nation by claiming “white supremacy” is the largest terrorist threat it faces.

Not only is the Biden administration pushing the racially divisive message, but they’re simultaneously claiming those allegedly taking part in the scourge of white supremacy are “intentionally trying to divide us.”

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Kamala Harris told a panel on Monday, “Our country was founded on many noble principles including E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. And, to live up to those ideals I think at this moment in time requires moral clarity on behalf of every American about what is at stake right now.”

Repeatedly glancing at her notecard, Harris continued, “The vast majority of us have so much more in common than what separates us. Yet, there are those who are intentionally trying to divide us as a nation and I believe each of us has a duty to not allow factions to sever our unity. Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power as a nation.”

The hypocritical Biden administration continues playing race politics by claiming racist white people lurk around every corner while the true terror threat lies at the Southern Border where nearly 200 suspected terrorists have entered America under Biden’s watch.

In fact, the federal government is currently investigating a group of illegal aliens from Uzbekistan who recently came into the country with the help of a person affiliated with ISIS.

While any racially motivated attack is obviously atrocious and should be condemned, it’s clear the powers that be don’t truly care about the victims and are selectively using tragedies to further divide the country and advance their agendas.

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