Video: 18-year-old World Cup Star Grabs Her Chest, Collapses on the Field

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Colombian women’s national team striker Linda Caicedo collapsed on the field Thursday during training in Sydney, Australia.

Harrowing video shows 18-year-old Caicedo gripping her chest with her right hand before bending over and falling to the ground, prompting her teammates and medical staff to come to her aid.

Coach Nelson Abadia said Saturday that Caicedo is in good health and dismissed her “episode” as a result of being “a bit stressed” following her World Cup win earlier this week.

“It’s just an incident, she was tired,” Abadia said. “She was a bit stressed as well, because she was playing in her first World Cup…(which) has great relevance. And she’s 18 years of age. She’s a girl as far as football goes. But she has a great capacity and great character to assimilate all of this.”

“That is why she’s one of the players in the world today who is a rising star. And it was just an episode, it’s finished, it’s over. We’re quite happy about this. No problem.”

A Colombian FA medical staff member echoed Abadia’s comments, saying, “What happened was just a symptom of all the stress and physical demands. She is well and all is back to normal.”

Caicedo, who survived ovarian cancer at 15, became the youngest player to score in the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Columbia’s 2-0 win over South Korea on Tuesday.

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Caicedo is expected to play Sunday when Las Cafeteras face Germany at Sydney Football Stadium.

This comes just days after basketball star LeBron James’ 17-year-old son Bronny James was rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest during training.

Apparently, top teenage athletes collapsing in the field after gripping their heart is a perfectly normal thing to happen in 2023.

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