San Francisco DA DROPS Charges Against Carjacking Pair Accused of Wildly Crashing Vehicle Down Public Stairwell

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A man and woman arrested for carjacking and epically crashing the vehicle in a San Francisco neighborhood had their charges dropped by Democrat San Francsico District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

Jenkins’ office announced Friday that charges against Kevin Nelson, 36, and Jennifer Bonham, 31, were dropped “pending further investigation and witness availability.”

“The charges against Ms. Bonham and Mr. Nelson have been discharged at this time pending further investigation and witness availability,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

Both individuals, who were warned last March not to contact each other, have been released from custody.

The carjacking pair made headlines earlier this week after surveillance footage caught them spectacularly crashing through a barrier and flipping the car as it careened over a famous public stairwell.

More details leading up to the incident have since emerged, alleging the carjackers assaulted a motorist with a skateboard and fled with the vehicle.

From the Daily Mail:

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The pair are accused of holding up a motorist in a Lincoln sedan and hitting him with their skateboards in the Castro district of the city, near 19th and Dolores streets, on Saturday, and then robbing him of his car.

The thieves drove off, but crashed one block away on the other side of Dolores Park – plummeting 50 feet down a series of steps and through steep wooded hillsides, taking trees with the car as it flipped and landed on its roof.

This ironically comes just a day after Jenkins assured citizens that she would hold criminals accountable.

“We have got to get this city to a place where people understand that there is accountability for their actions, and where instead of us standing by and watching things like this happen, that we mobilize together,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday.

This is just another instance of Democrats soft-on-crime policies in action.

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