‘Taste of Their Own Medicine’: Eco-Activist Banquet DISRUPTED With Rape Alarms Tied To Balloons

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The environmental activist group Just Stop Oil had their vegan banquet crashed by a pair of pranksters who decided to give them a “taste of their own medicine.”

Joshua Pieters and Archie Manners launched a “Just Stop P—ing People Off” counter-protest of the event at the Heritage and Arts Centre in East London by releasing helium balloons tied to blaring panic alarms in an effort “to give them a taste of their own medicine and encourage them to rethink their strategy.”

The disruptive stunt was particularly apt given Just Stop Oil members have repeatedly stopped traffic with slow marches calling for the government to cease all oil and gas leasing activities in the country.

Just Stop Oil was also behind the vandalism of several historic works of art at museums across Europe, which have turned other environmental groups against them.

“There is a huge number of people in the environmental movement who hate Just Stop Oil, some quite senior figures who really think they’re doing the entire cause a disservice,” Manners told The Telegraph.

Just Stop Oil’s protests have gnarled traffic so often that infuriated citizens also have begun lashing out at the activists in recent weeks.

Manners said his disdain for Just Stop Oil came to head when two activists released orange powder at the World Snooker Championships in April.

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“The one that really got me was the Snooker – that was not an environmentally damaging activity, people had saved up quite a lot of money during the cost of living crisis and travelled to Sheffield to watch and the entire day was ruined,” he said.

Just Stop Oil released a statement on Twitter commending the counter-protests novel nonviolent tactics.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Josh & Archie’s prank yesterday. Great action design — nonviolent and ever so slightly disruptive,” the group stated.

“Their faith in democracy is touching, but the climate crisis needs urgent action today — we simply don’t have time to wait for a new government. Nonetheless, we wish them luck in their endeavour to bring people together, and hope they know that we are always happy to talk.”

Watch the full stunt:

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