University Creates Language Guide That Erases ‘Man’ And ‘Mother’ From Existence

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The University of North Carolina (UNC) has shared an ‘inclusive’ language guide, laying out guidelines for what students and staff are and are not allowed to say.

The guide essentially wipes the word ‘man’ out of existence, and discourages the use of the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’.

A statement from the university claims “Carolina is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for every Tar Heel. To fully represent the diversity of our students, faculty, staff and everyone in our community, it is important to use language that supports these values.”

It continues, “This inclusive language guide can act as a starting point for communicating in a way that supports a diverse and welcoming community.”

Here’s what’s not allowed:

Any word with ‘man’ in it is consigned to the dustbin.

Furthermore… Don’t say ‘mom’, say ‘guardian’.

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And don’t say ‘poor’, say “people whose incomes are below the federal poverty threshold.”

There are a lot of rules here…

Remember that there is also romantic orientation as well, except is you’re ‘aromantic’:

This lunacy is gong on all over the country and it’s spilling out of woke education into the real world.


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