Jeffrey Epstein Was Allowed to Call ‘Mom’ On Night He Died — Despite Fact She Died in 2004

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Jail officials reportedly allowed Jeffrey Epstein to make an unmonitored call to his mother on the night he was found dead in his cell — despite the fact his mother had been dead for years.

According to a report released Tuesday by the Office of the Inspector General, Epstein was reportedly allowed to place the call to his “mother,” who died in 2004, despite it being in breach of Federal Bureau of Prison (BOP) protocols.

A timeline of events in the report explains:

At approximately 7 p.m., contrary to BOP policy but with the permission of a Unit Manager, Epstein is permitted to place an unmonitored telephone call to a number with a New York City area code, purportedly to speak with his mother. In actuality, Epstein speaks with someone with whom he allegedly has a personal relationship. After the call, Epstein is returned to his cell, where he remains without a cellmate.

The report goes on to describe the strange circumstances that allowed Epstein to make the unrecorded phone call to a number with a 646 area code of which the BOP has no records.

The Evening Watch Operations Lieutenant told the OIG that when he was preparing to escort Epstein back to the SHU from the attorney conference room on August 9, 2019, a Unit Manager said to the Evening Watch Operations Lieutenant that he was going to escort Epstein, so he could provide Epstein with the opportunity to place a telephone call using an unrecorded legal telephone line that is utilized by inmates to call their attorneys. The Unit Manager was the Institutional Duty Officer the week of Epstein’s death. The Northeast Regional Director told the OIG that an Institutional Duty Officer is a supervisor who monitors the facility on non-duty hours on behalf of the Warden when the Warden is not present.

The Captain told the OIG that he had authorized the Unit Manager to provide Epstein with a telephone call from the SHU on August 9, 2019, because he wanted to accommodate Epstein’s request for a telephone call since Epstein was assigned to the SHU and had limited ability to place telephone calls. The Captain explained that when the Unit Manager was escorting Epstein from his attorney visit back to the SHU, he told the Unit Manager in the elevator that Epstein could place a telephone call from the SHU, but it had to be monitored and logged.

The Unit Manager told the OIG that he worked on August 9 from approximately 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Unit Manager explained that on August 9, Epstein asked to call his mother and that it was his understanding that Epstein had not been able to obtain the necessary documentation to use the Inmate Telephone System for various reasons, including the fact that Epstein was with his attorneys during normal working hours. As described below, Epstein had, in fact, completed the requisite BOP paperwork that allowed him to place calls through the Inmate Telephone System. The Unit Manager said the decision to allow Epstein to place the call was his alone as the Unit Manager and because, as the Institutional Duty Officer, he was representing the Warden, who was not physically within MCC New York at that time. The Unit Manager said he did not recall having a conversation with the Captain about permitting Epstein to make the call, and he would have allowed the call even if the Captain did not want him to, given it was his decision to make as the Unit Manager. The Unit Manager explained that he viewed ensuring that inmates had family socialization as a part of his job, and he would allow inmates to place telephone calls if they were unable to make calls under ordinary circumstances.

Epstein was eventually allowed to make the call from the shower area “because that location ensured Epstein would not be able to pull the phone cord into his cell and use it to harm himself,” the report states.

A prison unit manager reportedly overheard a male voice answer, as Epstein proceeded to ask the person, “Hey, how are you doing? How’s everything?”

The unit manager’s shift ended while Epstein was still on the call.

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According to the Unit Manager, a male answered, and the Unit Manager handed the receiver to Epstein. The Unit Manager heard Epstein say, “Hey, how are you doing? How’s everything?” The Unit Manager admitted that he should have verified who was on the line, as Epstein had requested to make a telephone call to speak with his mother, and it was a male who answered the phone. The Unit Manager said he could not verify the phone number because he believed that Epstein did not have his Inmate Telephone System account set up, and he did not have any phone numbers associated with his account. The Unit Manager told the OIG that after he handed the telephone to Epstein, his shift ended so he left the SHU and left MCC New York for the day.

The Unit Manager said that when he left the SHU, Epstein was still on the call and the Evening Watch SHU Officer in Charge and Noel were at the officers’ desk, and that Senior Officer Specialist 1 was also present. According to the Unit Manager, when he was leaving, he told the officers, “Hey, make sure he gets his 15- minutes, and after that, he’s done.” The Unit Manager said he did not provide the SHU staff with instructions to monitor the call. He said that after he left, he contacted Noel on the SHU telephone and asked her to make sure that Epstein’s call had ended because his time was up.

The OIG explained they know the identity of the person Epstein called, who was not his mother, and unraveled part of their conversation, where the jailed billionaire pedophile reportedly said, “They are trying to keep me safe.”

The OIG investigation determined that Epstein did not, in fact, speak with his mother, who, according to public records, died in 2004. The OIG found that Epstein actually spoke with Individual 1, who declined to be interviewed by the OIG. Individual 1’s lawyer told the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York during an attorney proffer that Individual 1 spoke with Epstein on August 9, 2019, at about 7 p.m., for approximately 20 minutes. Individual 1’s attorney proffer was that Individual 1 was in the country of Belarus at the time of the call. Individual 1’s attorney told the U.S. Attorney’s Office that during the telephone call, Epstein told Individual 1 that the press had gotten crazy, and they discussed personal things such as books, music, and hygiene while incarcerated. According to the representations by Individual 1’s counsel, Epstein told Individual 1, “They are trying to keep me safe,” and that his case would take a little longer than he originally thought. He told Individual 1 he loved her, to be strong, and that he would not be able to call her again for another month.

The lapse in protocol was just one of several BOP failures the OIG identified – including Epstein’s lack of a cellmate, failure by the staff to conduct mandatory rounds and inmate counts, an improper search of his cell, and the prison’s faulty security camera system – which they say ultimately “provided him an opportunity to commit suicide.”

Unsurprisingly, the OIG claimed, based on a Medical Examiner’s report, there was no evidence Epstein was murdered in his cell.

Finally, the Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy detailed for the OIG why Epstein’s injuries were more consistent with, and indicative of, a suicide by hanging rather than a homicide by strangulation. The Medical Examiner also told the OIG that the ligature furrow was too broad to have been caused by the electrical cord of the medical device in Epstein’s cell and that blood toxicology tests revealed no medications or illegal substances were in Epstein’s system. The Medical Examiner also noted the absence of debris under Epstein’s fingernails, marks on his hands, contusions to his knuckles, or bruises on his body that would have indicated Epstein had been a struggle, which would be expected if Epstein’s death had been a homicide by strangulation.

The OIG’s report comes as former Attorney General Bill Barr was confronted last week on the streets of Austin by an activist who asked about his strange ties to Epstein, as well as why he bungled the imprisonment of the convicted sex trafficker.

Read the OIG report in full below:

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