Exclusive: Artificial Intelligence is Now Deep Faking Voices of Known Journalists

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A fake news report circulating on YouTube appears to deepfake the voice of Infowars reporter Greg Reese to pass as one of his real special reports.

The fake news report in question, posted Friday by “Anonymous Official”, shows Reese’s “voice” explaining how liberal astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is warning about the return of the oblong-shaped meteor known as Oumuamua which could be disguised as an interstellar space vessel.

“Neil deGrasse Tyson has boldly declared that the legendary interstellar visitor Oumuamua has returned,” the AI-generated voice of Reese says.

“And we might just be on the cusp of experiencing the most terrifying cosmic encounter ever known to mankind.”

“According to the seasoned expert, we could be facing an extraterrestrial menace with Oumuamua’s reappearance. But what implications does this hold for our place in the universe? And just what are our chances of surviving this cosmic encounter?” AI Reese asks.

The channel also posted other reports using a deep fake Greg Reese voice.

In an exclusive comment to Infowars, Reese called this new development in the information warfare space “frightening.”

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“The Anonymous Official YouTube channel has uploaded several of my videos in the past. And if they were left unadulterated then I would be completely fine with it. The more views the better and I am not allowed to have a YouTube channel,” Reese said.

“Which is why I thought they were changing the pitch on the previous videos. But this recent one is clearly an Artificial Intelligence deep fake of my voice,” he explained. “It even has the same EQ and Compression I use which gives it away more than anything. And now they are using my voice with someone else’s words, which is very unsettling.”

Reese noted that Google in 2022 had used his special reports to train its AI to spot “fake news,” but this fake reporting takes AI to another level.

“I was flattered when Google was using my videos as a way to train people how to spot ‘fake news’ but this is not flattering. It is frightening,” Reese said.

“Soon people will not know what to trust any longer and will be demanding a solution from big government. Which will most certainly be more control and authoritarianism.”

Unfortunately, video and audio deep fakes will likely accelerate in the news cycle as AI tech advances and government agencies continue to cite deep fakes as an accuse to censor and police free speech.

Watch Reese’s latest real report and be sure to check out his channel at MadMaxWorld.TV:

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