Watch: Biden Says Reporter ‘Asked Dumb Question’ When Pressed On Ukrainian Bribes

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During a Thursday White House press conference on “Ending Hidden Junk Fees,” Sleepy Joe Biden rudely responded to a reporter who asked a question about his alleged bribe payments from foreign nationals.

The topic has been widely discussed as of late with the House Oversight Committee obtaining FBI documents showing a top federal informant attested both Joe and Hunter Biden took millions of dollars in bribes from a Ukrainian oligarch.

“Why did the Ukraine-FBI informant file refer to you as ‘the Big Guy’ Mr. Biden?” the journalist asked.

A smug Biden answered, “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

This wasn’t the first time Biden has been asked about the bribes and the reported audio tapes of Joe dealing with the Ukrainian business mogul.

Earlier this week, the establishment-installed president awkwardly smiled and walked away from a reporter who asked, “Are there tapes that you accepted bribes, President Biden? Is that true?”

Last week, a journalist asked Biden, “Bribery allegations. Congresswoman Nancy Mace says there’s damning evidence in an FBI file that you sold out the country. Do you have a response to congressional Republicans?”

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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“Where’s the money?” he sarcastically responded. “I’m joking. It’s a bunch of malarkey.”

Time will tell if the senile puppet in the White House gets out of this mess unscathed or if the entire Biden crime family is set to be exposed and held accountable.

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