‘Congratulations, It’s A-borted!’ Cake Celebrating Abortion Stirs Outrage

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A tasteless cake celebrating the termination of a baby’s life in the womb is stirring outrage online, with many claiming it’s a symptom of the fall of civilization.

Images of the abortion cake circulated on social media this week, alongside a video of a woman describing how she made the abominable pastry.

“We celebrate all major life events around here,” the cake creator says in a Tiktok video.

The video ends with the woman who made the cake celebrating with the woman who had the abortion over what appear to be alcoholic drinks.

The cake was bashed on social media as proof abortion supporters have no moral compass.

“These people don’t stop at their wickedness and we won’t get tired of denouncing these disgusting insane [antics] either,” one woman wrote on Twitter.

Another person who claimed to be “pro-choice” his whole life said he realized the cake was “pro-abortion” and concluded it’s “evil in human form.” Other “pro-choicers” shared his assessment.

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The Twitter and Tiktok accounts of the woman who posted the videos have since been locked down following negative publicity.

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