SHOCK VIDEO: NJ Shop Workers Attacked by Mob Wielding Machete, Clubs

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A shop owner and employee were attacked by a large mob of men wielding a machete and clubs during a dispute over a parking space in New Jersey this month, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded in the city of Paterson on May 13, but details have been coming to light after a lax response from law enforcement.

Randy Campos, owner of Fleet Truck Service, says he was alerted one of his drivers, Edwin Izaguirra, was being swarmed by at least eight assailants on the sidewalk outside his business.

“Somebody called me, come, come outside, somebody is hitting Edwin,” Campos told News 12.

“I come outside and tried to stop them, but it was too many people for us.”

Surveillance footage of the shocking assault shows Izaguirra fighting for his life with a shovel in hand as another man slashes at him with a massive blade.

Other males wielding wooden and metal bats chase Izaguirra as he flees into the busy street.

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The victims filed a police report claiming “the attack all started because one of their customers parked in a spot where the alleged attackers did not want them to park,” according to News 12.

However, it reportedly took 10 days for authorities to follow up, and no arrests had been made as of May 24.

“Anyone can walk over here with a machete, I guess, in Paterson and can hit anyone and run away,” Izaguirra said.

Infowars has been reporting on the surge of violent crime in many U.S. cities.

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