Wild Story! Clown Claims Cannibal Guests Seared & Ate Woman’s Buttocks At Elite Hollywood Sex Party

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An interview segment going viral online features a professional clown named Richie The Barber alleging to have attended an “Illuminati” party in Los Angeles where Hollywood A-listers participated in cannibalism and voyeurism.

During a recent episode of his podcast, touching on Satanism in Hollywood, Richie told camera operator and podcaster Christopher Shaibi about the “creepy” and “scary” party where he was hired to perform.

Richie didn’t want to disclose too much information, but he said the “grand finale” of the elitist party featured a woman who had a chunk of her buttocks cut off and sautéed for participants to eat.

He claimed the woman was “moaning” and “touching herself and masturbating to herself and people were doing things to her.”

When Shaibi tried to get Richie to out some of the attendees, he said, “I can’t, but like famous, famous people bro. And they had a Satanic Pentagram on the floor. It was the most creepiest, scariest party that I’ve ever been to.”

In other portions of the discussion, Richie said a very famous actor wore a ball gag and allowed a performer to hit his erect penis with a hammer until it bled.

“It was crazy, it was like Pulp Fiction in there bro, it was nuts,” explained Richie.

Later, he allegedly entered a room where a large woman was suspended in the air and attendees of the event were violently whipping her, saying, “It was like the Passion of the Christ.”

In another room the professional clown entered there was a “terrifying” orgy taking place with around 40-50 people taking part as hooded figures played live drums around them, according to Richie.

A different “kink” room he glanced into supposedly featured a “super famous guy” getting kicked in the balls and having his nipples electrocuted while on stage.

At some point, Richie said some of the elitists tried to recruit him to sign a contract where he could become a fetish clown and have his own room at similar events in the future.

Richie did not want anything to do with the disturbing Satanic parties, and that was before he eventually committed his life to Jesus Christ.

While these stories are not verifiable, they do align with several other tales from insiders and whistleblowers as well as events such as Marina Abramovich’s infamous Spirit Cooking dinners.

Catch the full podcast below:

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Wild Story! Clown Claims Cannibal Guests Seared & Ate Woman’s Buttocks At Elite Hollywood Sex Party

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