Paper Ballots Beckon

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Paper Ballots Beckon

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Problems with electronic voting machines continue to make news.

The Shasta County supervisors in California got rid of Dominion voting machines and went to hand-counting paper ballots for future elections.  Shasta County joins Nye County in Nevada and Osage County in Missouri in making this move.

It’s not hard to understand the antipathy towards voting machines.  We start with the fact machine vote counting stopped simultaneously in the middle of the night in six swing states in the 2020 election with Trump ahead and, somehow, Biden was ahead when counting resumed.  That’s never been explained and, as a government minister said, it’s the same technology they use to steal elections in Venezuela.  Then we had the first court-ordered forensic audit of voting machines after the 2020 election in Antrim County Michigan which found their machines deliberately created a 68 error rate in the results right off the bat that elections officials could then fill in any way they wanted.  Those aren’t machines that count votes.  Those are machines that do something else.

Other problems with voting machines have been reported more recently:

  • Dominion executives admitted their machines are not secure, can be hacked, and are “riddled with bugs” that can lead to incorrect results.
  • A federal cybersecurity agency (CISA) admitted election systems in Georgia have serious problems that could allow bad actors to “fix election results”. 
  • A voter registration and election management system in use in several states (BPro) is uncertified, untested, and connected to the Internet allowing parties in and out of government to access it.  It can connect with the left-wing nonprofit ERIC and allow the use of plug-ins that can change results. 
  • Irregularities were discovered in the machine tabulation of the results of a New Jersey school board race after human error during software installation allowed results on USB drives to be counted twice.  An audit failed to catch the problem, which was only discovered later by accident.  The problem was so serious it may flip the outcome in the race. 
  • A cybersecurity expert recently demonstrated how he could hack voting machines and change results without leaving a trace.  The problem stems from widely-used SQL management software which is not certified and bypasses security features.  He easily manipulated the database with a cell phone and didn’t even have to enter a password. 
  • Another expert disclosed that voting machines in Wisconsin can be hacked, despite years of denials by election officials there. 
  • Another expert testified before an Arizona Senate committee it’s easy to write code to change voting machine results without a trace.  He said machines can be hacked in lots of ways and can never be secured.  The only way to have a secure election is not to use machines, he said. 

Think there might be a few problems here?  A resolution passed in the Arizona House and Senate addresses some of them.  The resolution bypasses Arizona’s far-Left Democrat Governor and requires the Secretary of State not to allow the use of voting machines unless they are designed and made in the U.S. using accredited processes, the source code used for federal elections is made available to the public, and ballot images and system log files are recorded on secure media and publicly posted.

What will happen with voting machines in Arizona is not yet known but, given all the problems with voting machines, don’t be surprised to see more jurisdictions moving to paper ballots in the future.

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