Grassroots Groups Call Out RINO Cosponsors of Pathway to Citizenship Bill

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RINOs never learn.

We, the undersigned groups and individuals, strongly object to H.R. 3599, an ill-advised bipartisan immigration bill with Republican cosponsors that would establish pathways to citizenship and otherwise facilitate illegal immigration.

In 2013, the Gang of 8 ran into a firestorm of grassroots fury for proposing a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal aliens already in the country.  The Gang of 8 bill passed the Senate, but the grassroots stopped it in the House.

Now a new Gang has arisen proposing multiple pathways to citizenship for illegal aliens.  We, the undersigned, guarantee the new bill’s cosponsors that their efforts will go down in flames the same way the Gang of 8’s did.

We object to “legal status for undocumented immigrants already living in the United States with the possibility of earning citizenship.”

We object to “new pathways for asylum seekers.”

We object to “new legal pathways for economic migrants and unaccompanied minors.”

We object to the creation of “new regional processing centers” for the purpose of increasing unlawful immigration.

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We object to conferring special privileges upon millions of illegal aliens who knowingly broke our laws when they entered the United States.  They can go back to their home country and get in line like others who seek immigration lawfully, people who are seeking entry the right way.

We do not object to lawful immigration, but we point out that the United States already has the most generous lawful immigration policies in the world.    There is no reason to incentivize and grease the skids for more illegal immigration on top of an already magnanimous lawful immigration system.

Hence, we call out the Republican cosponsors of H.R. 3599 for their unprincipled pursuit of open borders policies and for their arrogance for proceeding in the face of unwavering opposition from grassroots groups like us.

Republican cosponsors as of 6/26/23:
Rep. Salazar, Maria Elvira [R-FL-27]
Resident Commissioner González-Colón, Jenniffer [R-PR-At Large]
Rep. Chavez-DeRemer, Lori [R-OR-5]
Rep. Lawler, Michael [R-NY-17]
Rep. Duarte, John S. [R-CA-13]
Rep. Diaz-Balart, Mario [R-FL-26]


National RINO Hunt Team
Defend the Border
Liberty Alliance of Miami-Dade County
Martin Tea Party Committee – Stuart Florida
Potomac Tea Party (and its entire board individually below)
Redlands Tea Party Patriots
Winter Haven (FL) 912 Group

N.B. – A number of the individual signers below are group leaders, activists, writers, media hosts, and influencers.

Greg Brittain
Sharon Kowalski
Robert Walters

Janis Chester MD

Royal A. Brown III
Fred Brownbill
Joe Doyle
Alex Newman
Karen Schoen

David Hancock
Leo Hohmann
Diane Vann
Mary Wierbicki (Director of Operations, Defend the Border)

Judy F.

Jim Simpson
Jaums Sutton

Thomas M.

Susan Erickson

New Hampshire
Omer Ahern, Jr.

Dan Hromada

Don M. Powers

Liz Diehl
Donna Ellingsen
Kim Kennedy
Rick Trader

South Carolina
Mark D.
Debbie Jones
Ann Beauchamp

Kathleen Marquardt

Ron Dubner
Lauren Comele Morris
Mike Ramirez
Pastor Greg Young

Jeff B.
Tom Blau
Clare Lopez
George Mears
Vic Nicholls
Gary Porter
Jay S.
Jeremy Taylor
Kimberly Thurston
Jeff Walyus
Paula T. Weiss
Robin E. Whitworth
Chris Wright

Greg Baltmiskis
Theresa Bennett
Catherine House
Peggy Hutt
Shari Newton
Suzi Ramsdell
Jamie Wheeler

West Virginia
Brenda Arthur

Scott F. Schara

Seamus K.
Barry Webb
Gerald Welty

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