Abortion Pill-Pushers Work the Dark Side

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Washington state is the first to stock up on abortion pills in case legal action makes them unavailable.  The state has ordered a four-year supply, about 40,000 doses of mifepristone.  Given the known dangers of the pills, what this means in a state where some 60 percent of all abortions are by pill, is that roughly 2,400 women – one in 17 – will end up in the hospital because they have serious complications from an attempted chemical abortion.  It is entirely possible some will die, because abortion pills are known killers, already linked to 28 maternal deaths in the U.S. alone.  Other adverse reactions already numbered in the thousands by 2018, and the FDA has stopped reporting them – not exactly reassuring, is it?  Abortionistas like to say abortion pills are “safer than Tylenol”, but that’s clearly not the case, but they don’t want you to know just how dangerous abortion pills really are.

Wyoming became the first U.S. state to ban abortion pills.  Texas filed a lawsuit to block a Biden administration rule requiring pharmacies to fill abortion pill prescriptions nationwide, even in states where abortion is illegal.  A conservative legal group sued the FDA for approving abortion pills on the pretext pregnancy is an ‘illness’ and without studying their safety.  Abortion activists have answered with a litigation trump card of their own, arguing in a case filed in West Virginia that states can’t ban drugs approved by the FDA.   Twenty-one Republican state attorneys general have asked the court to dismiss that case, arguing that just because the FDA approves a drug doesn’t mean states have to use it.

The pro-abortion movement has been lying from the beginning and they’re not stopping now.  The architect of Roe v. Wade, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, admitted he repeatedly told the press the number of illegal abortions was 10,000 when the true number was closer to 200.  True to form, abortion activists falsely claimed pregnancy was a “serious or life-threatening illness” in order to get the FDA to approve mifepristone quickly.  In its haste, the FDA ignored evidence pill abortions cause more complications than surgical abortions.

Ever the devious ones, abortion activists have also created an underground network that has distributed more than 20,000 abortion pills to women since Roe v. Wade was overturned.  This is completely illegal and is ironic, since abortion activists are the ones who claim abortions are ‘healthcare’ yet are completely willing to go outside the healthcare system in order to accomplish their political goals.  They traffic the pills over the southern border, using disguises, burner phones, and encrypted messaging apps to distribute them.  Because this is all outside legal channels, this means no oversight, no check-ups, and no follow-up to see how the women are doing.  And no screening to make sure abortion pills are not being forced on vulnerable women by abusive partners.

If you are contemplating joining the underground network to help women get abortion pills, be forewarned you would be placing yourself in legal jeopardy.  The husband of a Texas woman just sued three women for wrongful death for assisting his ex-wife in terminating her pregnancy by conspiring to unlawfully obtain abortion pills.  “Anyone involved in distributing or manufacturing abortion pills will be sued into oblivion,” a Texas lawmaker said.  And this doesn’t even cover what the authorities would do to you if you are caught dispensing prescription medication without a prescription.

If a court knocks down the prevailing two-pill procedure with mifepristone being the first step, abortion activists and their co-conspirators in industry are preparing to pivot to the “misoprostol-only” technique using just one type of pill.  Misoprostol-only is much less effective, with a much higher failure rate necessitating additional doses or surgery to complete the abortion.  Women will experience more bleeding, nausea, and cramping in the process.  It also means more birth defects for babies born alive after unsuccessful attempts to abort them.  Misoprostol-only is not approved FDA protocol.

Women who take abortion pills often end up regretting their choice and calling the Abortion Pill Rescue Network for a drug to reverse the attempted abortion.  The drug is effective in two out of three cases and has already saved thousands of lives.  Abortion activists working the dark side don’t want you to know that, either.

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